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Top Five Inspiring Outdoor Films

Written by 26 February 2012 5 Comments

Whenever I feel uninspired or bored or stuck, the only thing that seems to help, is watching outdoor films on the internet. I don’t know why, it must be something about courageous people getting really close to the edge, knowing they might fail, but never stop trying… or something like that. But I guarantee you this: Watching my Top 5 of great outdoor films will make your feet itch as well and your inspiration will come back to life.
You can make it happen. Because they did.

Photo by Klara Harden

Photo by Klara Harden

1. A story for tomorrow.
Honestly, this is the sweetest film about travel I have ever seen. Not only is it amazingly shot, but also does it have beautiful storytelling. Shot by Gnarly Bay Productions, this is a story about love and life and beauty.

2. The World’s Largest Rope Swing
Be warned: Watching this film by Devin Graham and his friends may give you the feeling that your life is completely boring. On the other hand, it shows you what is possible with just a big rope, some cameras and a bunch of friends. Just do it while you’re young! Life is fun!

3. Made in Iceland
I am proud to say that a member of the Travelettes-family made it into my personal top five: Photographer and filmmaker Klara Harden from Austria wandered off to Iceland for 25 days hiking all by herself throughout the lonely landscapes of the Icelandic highlands. She is an inspiration to all of us young girls with big dreams for she showed us that it’s possible to make them come true…

4. Birthright
Filmed by Sean Mullens, “Birth right” is a powerful and inspirational story about his friend Michael and his struggle to transcend. It is a small story, really. But in my opinion small things are often the best. I really recommend taking the time to watch it.

5. Free Fall

I would not recommend trying this yourself (I am actually shit-scared of too much water) but watching World Champion freediver Guillaume Nery in „Free Fall“ always gives me goose bumps. The astonishing thing about this film is that the crew never used any breathing equipment under the water, Guillaume Nery dives without scuba gear, and record-holding Julie Gautier was filming by holding her breath.

What are your favourite outdoor films? Or have you even made one yourself?

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  • Jo said:

    Truly inspirational stories. Each one unique, yet beautiful. While I watched..one gave me shivery chills, another tears, I held my breathe, I was terrified, and laughing all the while in complete awe of your bravery, your triumphs, your guts and determination! I will share these with my friends and family who will love them as much as I do! Can I come…please….=) No really…

  • Trans Pond said:

    Klara pointed this post out to me and I did instantly recommend this post and the videos within on my own blog at http://trans-pond.blogspot.com/
    I just love the video, Klara made – which is why and how I got to know her and I am happy to see it in the top 5 here. The blue hole diving is amazing as well. can’t get enough of it.
    The rope swing makes me uneasy… they all do something to you, indeed.
    Thanks for collecting these. They gave me the final “spark” to cut and master my own travel videos and make more.
    My photography you find on my blog listed above.

  • Alastair Humphreys said:

    Fantastic selection!
    I hope you don’t mind me suggesting one of my own as well…

  • Drew said:

    Awesome list but heres an additional one.

    Surfing life in Ireland:



  • Igor said:

    Nice collection!

    One more here: https://vimeo.com/29220930

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