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The traveling shoes

Written by 7 June 2011 6 Comments

Since from before I can remember I’ve been a shoe girl!  I don’t care about bags; I’m happy using a free cotton tote promoting some crazy health food store day in day out, but when it comes to shoes I’m guilty of serious crimes against spending.

When packing for trips & holidays I can be super strict on the quality of clothes I pack but even if I’m going for 1 night I always seem to pack at least 5 pairs of shoes. From the impractical to the most comfortable, my feet are always ready for every imaginable situation! So, here are my 6 must pack shoes on any trip – for comfort, practicality and also a little bit of indulgence! (warning lots of photos of my feet coming up…)

1. Birkenstocks
There are no words to describe how happy my feet are when I wear my Birkenstocks; it’s like a little bit of foot heaven! I have the same style (they are called Gizeh) in about 4 different colours so there is never any problem finding a pair that matches my outfit.
2. Dr Martens
Day-in-day-out from September to March I live in my Dr Martens. They are not exactly the smallest or most compact shoes to pack for a trip however there is no denying the comfort factor; they are the only shoes I can wear for hours & hours that haven’t reduced my poor feet to giant blisters. They also bear up great against the rain & the snow which is super useful when you’re traveling in the winter.
3. Converse
Light weight and tiny to pack, no Travelette should be without her canvass trainers. They come in so many amazing colours and styles that there is always going to be one for you – check online if you are looking for some as they are often a lot cheaper than in the stores.
4. Flip-flops
Perfect for the beach or for protecting your feet in a very dodgy hostel shower, no backpacker should ever forget to pack their flip-flops. My brand of choice would be Havaianas and yes I admit they are on the pricy side for essentially what is a piece of colourful rubber but I’ve had my current pair for over 3 years and they still look brand new despite me wearing them constantly all summer!
5. Walking boots
However unsexy they are (and yes I admit they make my legs look like tree trunks) sometimes you just have to swallow your style pride and put them on. Make sure you also invest in good socks and wear them round the house for a bit before embarking on a long hike otherwise you’re sure to get some nasty blisters!
6. My heels
Image by Swedish Hasbeens
I wouldn’t be a Travelette without finding room for a pair of heels in my backpack. Make them comfortable but make them sexy – you never know when you need to dress up and go dancing! My current favorites are Swedish Hasbeens and I’ve already decided that these are going to be glued to my feet all summer.
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  • Nina said:

    You totally got me with the swedish hasbeens. I already googled retailers of them around berlin, haha.

  • lorna said:

    Shoe addict Nina; I love it! I found that mine rubbed a little bit at the start but after maybe the 3rd wearing they fit perfectly to your feet – so much so they are as comfy as my slippers :-D yummm shoe heaven

  • Ekua said:

    Shoes are always a challenge for me so I started picking shoes and then planning my outfits around the shoes, haha! It’s so much easier and lighter to pack for warm destinations. I didn’t realize that Birkenstocks had cuter designs available now and thanks for introducing me to the Swedish brand. Basic, but cute.

  • Olatz said:

    I think I need help to buy the perfect pair of Swedish Hasbeens before I leave Brussels! Great post Lorna! Congratulations!

  • Adan said:

    As a footwear and accessories designer this constantly plagues me!!! No company specializes in travel footwear with a fashion forward perspective. I’m taking a RTW trip in 3 months and am having trouble finding options for guys….I’ll write a post about it soon!

  • Helene K said:

    thanks for this topic
    i ll be going backpacking soon for 8 weeks and i had issues choosing shoes
    Now my only issue, is it really better to have walking boots. I have loads of running shoes/sneakers, would they be ok enough for going to new zealand and australia all around?

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