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The Giraffe Manor in Kenya

Written by 8 November 2011 22 Comments

Ahh Africa. So wild, so beautiful, so cultural; it’s an experience as soon as you get off the plane! East Africa is known for its wildlife, stunning scenery, Mount Kilimanjaro and safaris on the savannah, but where could be better to sleep than a place that is both luxurious in comfort with the added factor of beautiful animals in their natural environments? Only Giraffe Manor. And they do it damn well.

Giraffe Manor is merely 20 kilometres from Kenya’s bustling capital city, Nairobi, making it an easily accessible haven from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, and once you get there; it will be a struggle to leave. Yes, the stunning décor, the bedrooms and the roaring fireplaces will take your breath away, but let’s face it. The Manor’s main attraction is the fact that it has a resident herd of Rothschild Giraffes that roam the grounds, frequently poking their spotted faces in through the windows! Talk about wildlife at your doorstep.

The small five-star hotel is set in 12 acres of private land amongst acres of indigenous forest where a Giraffe Centre was set-up for the endangered species. It began as a breeding centre to boost their population but has now expanded into conservation and educational programs for Kenyan school children, and they include warthogs, hyenas and the odd leopard to maintain the Giraffe’s natural habitat. An amazing project for African wildlife, especially as all the profits of the hotel go towards the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife. It’s also a freaking out-of-this-world experience for animal lovers who get to pass through the area.

Apparently, the Manor houses one of Nairobi’s finest restaurants, as guests argue that the meals defeat anything New York or L.A. has to offer. But they might be a tad biased since the fantastic breakfast spread has the bonus of giraffes popping in to say ‘howdy’ through the open windows. They’ll innocently mooch about the property peering through doorways and windows in natural curiosity and friendliness. It is the only place in the world where you can feed a giraffe from your second-floor bedroom window, at the lunch table or literally at your front door.

Nature nature nature is the attraction of Giraffe Manor, plus the exquisite bedrooms to snooze in… but its close proximity to Nairobi make it a great place to base yourself to explore the city.
Of course the catch is its price, which can be up to $500 per night (eek.). Superstars like Mick Jagger, Ewan McGregor and Richard Branson have famously kipped there. Yeah, I definitely cannot afford even one night there, unless I save for a hell of a long time, but if you do have the pleasure and privilege of scoring a stay at the Giraffe Manor, get a second floor room with a balcony. You can’t be grumpy in the morning with a giraffe greeting.


Photo credits: 1,6,7 via project wedding;  2 via airbnb,  3,4 via NotCot, 5 via holidaycheck


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  • Cheryl said:

    I have a soft spot for animals … so I’d stay here in a heartbeat!

  • lorna said:

    one word – WOW!!!

  • marie said:

    Let me win the lottery, PLEASE… want to go to this place so badly

  • ina said:

    not that i wasn’t obsessed with giraffes before… but this…. :)


  • Laura said:

    This is so beautiful! I would love to spend the night there, but oh my, they don’t kid with those prices!

  • Julien said:

    Our tour guide lied to the man at the gates, said we had a reservation, hehe. The most intriguing part of the giraffe house is that it’s in the middle of a heavily populated are (kind of a slum) but you wouldn’t know it when standing inside the walls. The giraffes are a novelty of sorts, they get old quick. When in africa there are cooler animals to see..

  • Trvl8dintern said:

    This just sounds amazing!! Were the giraffes really that friendly or did u have to be careful what u did and how u did it?

  • Kjell said:

    That is sooo cute!

  • Jayme said:

    We couldn’t get into the Giraffe Manor so we went next door to the Giraffe center which costs a whopping dollar or so to get into. Just ask for the resident price. We loved it. In fact it was our second time there. The first was fifteen years ago. One of the great things is feeding the Giraffes. Most people do it by hand but my eleven year old son did it by mouth. Very cute and made for fantastic pictures. In fact that is the screen saver on his I-Pad now.

    However we have run across a problem. I can’t say for sure that it is related, but it’s the only thing that I can think of. You see my son has come down with an odd rash around his mouth that has been bothering him for a month now. I have no idea what it is, but I think it could it be related to being licked on the face and mouth by a Giraffe? Has anyone ever heard of this before?

    I certainly wouldn’t hold the Giraffe Center responsible however I would love to know how I can cure this problem for my son. It’s really odd he is constantly licking around his mouth. Something he never did before. Now we are using a gel around his mouth that looks strange. I started to notice it about two or three days after our visit to the Giraffe Center.

    Anybody have any ideas?

  • hary said:

    this hotel look nice, i hope i can visited and stay in..

  • Jame said:

    I’ve been there its so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

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  • kirrily said:

    Can’t wait! I’m booked to stay here next April and I just can’t wait!!!!

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  • Diane said:

    The lure of the Giraffe Manor would be too much to resist! I’ve fed a giraffe in the Vancouver Zoo and they are fascinating animals! I love this post and I’m going to have a good think to which locations I’d choose though most of them probably won’t be as exotic as some of yours. I will promise to push out of my comfort zone, though, so it won’t just be European or English speaking cities!

  • Fondos de pantalla said:

    Really great, but it is very expensive go to Kenia

  • Brooke Vlasich said:

    If I could afford to stay here, I would love to! I think it’s great a five-star hotel is also about conservation and protecting endangered wildlife. It would be crazy to see a giraffe pop its head in for breakfast!

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