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The Camper Bike

Written by 30 July 2011 8 Comments

Traveling can inspire all sorts of creative outputs. One man called Kevin Cyr from Brooklyn did not stop at journal entries and taking photos – he took what he loved about camping and put it together into one cool art project. Kevin built the Camper Bike as part of an exhibition called Home in the Weeds. The idea behind the series was a hard look at self-preservation and human persistance in a world in which the housing market is becoming crazier by the minute. The Camper Bike is an attempt to show that you can go back to the roots, make do with very little and still have a roof over your head and wheels under your feet.

I adore this idea, I only wish this could really exist. I would buy a camper bike in a heart beat.

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  • Weltenbummler*in said:

    Reminds me of the bufalino project from cornelius comanns.

  • Cam @ Traveling Canucks said:

    Hah! This is great – I want one!

  • Marshall Hansen said:

    This might be the coolest gadget I’ve seen. Kind of like a luxury rickshaw. I’m not sure how practical this would be though for a lot of traveling, unless you are biking across the plains. Is there a company that makes this mini travel trailer or would I have to get out my Honey, I Shrunk The Kids ray gun?:)

  • Don Faust said:

    Looks pretty cool, but I would be totally regretting it if I bought something like this. Going up hills must be hell.

  • Dennis Warren said:

    Buy one, then come back to Florida where the land is pretty flat. Cedar Key would welcome you back in a heartbeat.

  • Michael D. Knight said:

    This is such a wicked idea that we have been inspired by for quite some time being a team of three avid cyclist who love to go camping but hate the whole tent isues thing. We have been seriously working on a bicycle Mini Camper design of our own. Check out our blog at:

    We are trying to raise funds through our indieGoGo campaign to actually make a prototype hopefully in time for spring 2013. If we can get support from enough people in the cycling community then we can actually take our project to the next level which will be production. We already have some dealerships that are very interested in our product.

    Help support our project on IndieGoGo:

  • Lumaca said:

    This is interesting, the key must be light, lol

  • Julie said:

    A hipster talkin about bad economy, and giving the impression they are worldly. Betcha this guy has more money in his bank account then any of us. Or at least his parents do.

    Cool to see he’s doing something creative and artistic though that isn’t a blight on the peace of his neighbors though. He has the decency to keep his noisy projects out of his apartment. lol

    Really good work overall. Building things with your own hands is a rewarding skill. :-)

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