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After turning 30 last year, I decided it was time to leave the sunny beaches of Australia behind and give my 2-year working visa for the UK a whirl before it was too late (it’s no longer valid once you turn 31). I’m not one to dilly-dally on a decision for long, so after about 6 weeks, my flight was booked, my bags were packed and I’d sold everything I …

[ Written by guest | 6 Apr 2015 | 34 Comments | ]

When most people think of the word “holiday”, it usually includes the picture of a fancy hotel, a white beach,  a palm tree and laziness. Unfortunately, this kind of travel is also the expensive one. But there is another way to experience a foreign country while spending nothing but the costs to get there… if you are not afraid to get your hands a little dirty: Become a workaway!
Workaway.info is …

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