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Traveling can be as scary as it is exciting, and even more so as a woman. When you think of taking that step and leaving the known for the unknown for the first time, I’m sure a lot of different questions flash through your mind. Where to even begin?
It’s a lot. I know. I’ve been there. I’ve chased my thoughts all around my head in circles worrying about what …

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Tamar, 26, Mcleod Ganj
Tamar is originally from Israel but left the country at the age of 5 when her family moved to Canada. She’s been traveling and living in India for 2 years.
Travelettes: Tell us about your India trip so far.
Tamar: I came here 2 years ago and at first I just traveled around to all sorts of places all over the country. Somewhere along the way an astrologist told …

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Violette, 31, Kochi
Violette works at a publishing house in Paris and has been traveling south India on her own for the past 2 weeks. This interview was conducted on the night before her return to France.
Travelettes: Tell us about your trip so far.
Violette: I arrived with a friend and 2 of her friends. Somehow we split very early because already after 2 days I met 2 french girls at my …

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