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Do not adjust your monitor. The deep jewel green you see before you is indeed for reals. No photoshop here, sir. No natural ocean green beauty was harmed in the making of this photo. Where can you dive bomb into this heavenly, infinity pool of mother nature? This is the small town of Jelsa, on Hvar island in Croatia, “the sunniest spot in Europe”. A bountiful island with pomegranate, pear, …

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Argentina’s wine capital offers much in the way of sensorial experiences. While enjoying its 320+ days of sun a year, stark mountain landscapes, vineyard-striped countryside and bustling downtown, try some of these suggestions for fully enjoying this wonderful land.
1) Meander
Mendoza’s wide, tree-lined streets make excellent strolling territory. It’s pedestrian walkways, cafe-lined avenues and palm-tree decorated parks and plazas are ideal for the casual ramble.

2) Visit
The countryside surrounding Mendoza city is …

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