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Ten years ago options for veggie dining in Prague were nearly non-existent. When I committed to visiting a month ago I figured I would have a hard time finding vegan fare. After only a few minutes of research, however, it became apparent that Prague could not only accommodate my love of greens, but that it had more options than I could possibly sample during my two-week stay there. I envisioned …

[ Written by guest | 3 Oct 2014 | 6 Comments | ]

As we pulled up by the disused tractor next to the steep, red dirt driveway, which was definitely in the middle of nowhere, we exchanged looks with a slightly nervous gulp. Where the heck were we? And what was this place?
We had been on the road for about two hours in Portugal. We’d left Faro’s white heat and hit the road to head up the dusty Alentejo Coast that hugs …

[ Written by Sophie | 16 Aug 2014 | No Comment | ]

If you’re from a bigger city, you might have noticed a group of people chanting “Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna” dressed in some kind of peach colored Indian looking outfit your local park. I haven’t had a deeper look into their ideology, but they’re extremely friendly and I’m definitely into their cuisine.
As a vegetarian, sometimes it can be a bit challenging to find a nutritious and CHEAP meal. Being a pescatarian …

[ Written by guest | 9 Aug 2010 | One Comment | ]