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Reality Check: New York City on Screen vs. My Life in the City

"If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere..." Everybody knows these famous lines about one of the most famous cities. I'm probably one of the few people though who moved to New York without having them on my mind. I didn't care much about 'making it', I just thought it sounded like a fun place and wouldn't it be cool to go to college there?! Still I arr[...]

On the Set of New York

Do you happen to know how many movies have been filmed in New York? Before you start consulting your trusted search engine - this probably is a number impossible to figure out. According to the Motion Picture Association of America, 115 movies and 113 TV series were filmed in New York State in 2011 alone. Considering those staggering numbers, it's a thin lin[...]

To watch - Come fly with me

We all love to make fun of low cost companies don't we? And who could do this better than the team behind "Little Britain"? Matt Lucas and David Walliams takes us to the insane, but oh so recognizable "reality" of one of England's busiest airports in "Come fly with me". After several pretty (in my opinion) lame reality series documenting the daily life on ai[...]