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The Silent Flip-Flop

The sound of flip-flops slapping the bare skin of the bottom of feet signify the sounds of summer. We all hear it when the sun’s out and it instantly transports us to the thoughts of travels and holidays as the random flip-flops past us. So these new “Flip-Flops that don’t Flip-Flop” are quite bizarre and a struggle to get my head around. Apparently, it’s th[...]

Falling from the Sky in Taupo, New Zealand

Before I traveled New Zealand, I was so very sure that I would never do anything as ridiculous as a bungee jump... or a sky dive! I scoffed at the idea with thoughts of, "Why would I spend so much on something that could probably kill me?!" Little did I realise that New Zealands' extreme-sporting-adrenaline-junkie nature would buckle my views and soon have m[...]

New York's Pop-Up Libraries

Did you know that there are 13,659 payphones on New York's sidewalks despite there being over 17 million cell phones owned by the citizens?... "But what has got to do with pop-up libraries??!" I hear you cry! Well, New York architect, John Locke, noticed this and became intrigued by the seemingly pointless and obsolete existence of payphones. He loves them i[...]

Learning Bahasa Indonesian in Paradise

When traveling to foreign countries where the language is literally so foreign, I found many tourists speaking LOUDER and s.l.o.w.e.r to the locals in a bizarre attempt to get understood. It seriously annoys me every time I see a traveler rudely turn their back to the waiter/market stall owner, throw up their hands and announce to their partner, “He just doe[...]

The Travelettes Guide to Perth

Perth was nothing like what I expected. Located in Western Australia (WA) and being the most isolated city in the world, I expected it to be a very small condensed place with all the excitement residing in the city centre. In fact, the fun lies across the entire expanse of Perth throughout many suburbs which if not explored; means you haven’t fully seen Pert[...]

Another side of Afghanistan

We all form images in our heads about how a place is going to look; influenced by friends, family, the press, and sometimes an overactive imagination. If someone says Afghanistan, what are the first images that come to mind? For me, the images are those predominantly brought to you in times of terror and disaster featuring foreign forces, explosions and ofte[...]

Sleeping in Your Surfbag

You love surfing and the sound of the sea? You'd never leave the beach if you could? Well, this one might be for you. Two fellows, Marta and Jez, both travelers and surfers, had the idea to construct a portable home for surfers. While looking for the best waves in Australia and Indonesia, they thought about how they could develop a surfbag that doub[...]

10 funny laws from abroad

Things that you may not think twice about doing at home might not be considered impolite, or even illegal in other countries. Reading a few strange laws from my own country got me curious, so I did some research for you.  Some of the regulations I found are stupid: in Florida, it is illegal to fart in a public place after 6 P.M. on Thursdays. Some of them ar[...]

Damn, mothertrucker!

Welcome to my new Motorhome: Pfffffft, I wish! This 40-foot long luxury motorhome, dubbed with the catchy name ‘eleMMent Palazzo’, is at the affordable price of $2.9 million and is pretty much a mansion on wheels. It was created by Austrian company Marchi Mobile and just take a look at the inside and you’ll understand how it’s the world’s most expensive m[...]

The Travelettes Guide to Melbourne

Melbourne is sometimes incredibly stressful, and I find myself getting anxious and on edge in my free time and days off from work. “But it’s so cultural!! You must be in love with the city!!”, I hear you Travelettes cry, and yes that is correct. However, there is so bloody much to see, do, eat, drink, explore and discover, that I constantly find myself writi[...]

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