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10 great tips for backpacking Europe

As much as my generation may have been defamed for being so obsessed with the social-media, and being termed everything from twit to ditz to social-media whores, it would be imprudent to overlook the plethora of benefits this very same social media offers, other than instant gratification of course! Another ingratiating vice which my generation has provid[...]

15 Ways to Feel like a Traveller in your own Home

We all know that feeling of post-travel blues. You return home, full of stories and adventures, and after the initial joy of reuniting with your family and friends, it all wears off, and you are once again dreaming of hitting the road, seeking new unknown places. I’ve been guilty of this feeling every time I have come back from a trip, but this time I decid[...]

5 Female Instagrammers you should follow

Have you ever found yourself voluntarily missing a call because you were too busy scrolling down Instagram? Well, I am ashamed to admit I have. More than once, actually. This social network has been one of my hobbies lately. I ended my RoundTheWorld trip a few months ago, and the come-back home has not been easy. I miss living out of a backpack, meeting new [...]

How to survive a car crash abroad

On May 17, 2014 (my 24th birthday) I woke up early in Barbados. I stepped out from under the mosquito net hanging above my host’s bed and embraced the morning sun shining through the French patio doors. I had my whole day planned (sort of): a surf lesson at Zed’s Surfing School at 10am; a short drive to St. Lawrence Gap to check out the beach, the restaur[...]

Get your phone ready for travel

Hands up if you're a Fandroid?!? I knew it wasn't just me! While I loved my iPhone 3GS back in the day, for the last 3 years I've been more than happy with my Android phone which does everything an iPhone does and cost me almost a third of what the latest iPhone does. I'm currently the proud owner of a LG Nexus 5 but also have a soft spot for Samsung phones.[...]

Confessions of a Recovering Travel Addict

"It's been a month since my last flight... Hi, my name's Frankie and I'm a recovering travel addict." I woke up this morning and realised something scary. I don't have my next trip booked. I don't have any plans to leave the country where I now live. And I don't know where my next journey will take me or if I'll even go abroad again this year. It w[...]

Travel quotes that you have never heard before

I recently stumbled upon a video in my Facebook newsfeed, and my friend's tagline 'I hope I don't come off like this' going with it, drew in my attention. In the video a girl, who has just returned from another exotic destination, visits her friend's home and meets two of his friends. While they question her about why she travels and how she's even able to a[...]

The tale of tourists and travelers – can foes become friends?

“Are you a tourist?” There is no better question to wake the wrath of travelers faster than that. We are no tourists, thank you very much! We are travelers, adventurers, wandering free spirits, exploring the sights and people the world has to offer. So much more following in the footsteps of Magarete Mead than in search of the biggest Sangria bucket on Mallo[...]

A very Traveletty year: 2014 on Instagram

You know what the most liked Instagram picture of 2014 is? A picture of Kim Kardashian and Kayne West's wedding. Yeah, that's right. We decided we needed to chip in some blue-sky-cocktails-crystal-ocean pictures to make up for that apparent lack of pictures from the road on this world's social media charts. (Our most liked Instagram picture by the way was[...]

12 Traveletty Places for 2015

Like it or not, 2014 is coming to an end soon and it is almost time for the annual new year's resolutions. Usually my plans about what to do less or more of in the next 12 months are forgotten just after a few weeks, so I decided that this year shall be different. One of the Dalai Lama's most popular quotes is "Once a year go somewhere where you have never b[...]

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