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Things to do with your travel photos

Having just finished a 2-month trip around Central America, my computer now is in possession of 2.493 more pictures. Wonderful, lovely memories that will last a lifetime and that I cannot wait to show to my friends and family, but what's the best way to present them? An online photo gallery? A stack of prints? Or are there maybe more original ways of showing[...]

Through the eyes of... Akasha Rabut

Our recent travel photographer discovery is Akasha Rabut, from New Orleans. She works in the photography department at the Historic New Orleans Collection and does freelance photography on the side. Originally from Kauai, Hawaii she traveled a lot through North America and took some really amazing shots on the road. She fascinates with an extraordinary eye f[...]

Notes on Packing the Right Camera

Hey ladies, One of the biggest problems I encounter when packing for trips is not how many pairs of shoes I need or what shades of nail polish to leave home. No, I struggle the most with exactly what combination of cameras and gear to bring along. We Travelettes are very passionate about our photography and while we recognize that it's ultimately up the p[...]