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Experience Curacao Like a Local

An ideal day in the Caribbean could start with a morning yoga class in an ocean-view shala, a refreshing dip into the pristine turquoise waters and a frozen fruit smoothie in a hammock underneath the palm trees on the beach. Or, it could start with a bumpy ride on a small road around the island, a pit-stop at a tucked-away street food market and an ice-cold [...]

Meeting the Himba in Namibia

For years, photographers have been drawn to Namibia's northwest – to a community living among the majestic Makalani palms at Palmfontein: the Himba. They invite visitors to see how they live and learn about their proud and ancient culture. From skin care to clothing and perfume, many Himba continue traditional practices that have remained unchanged for gener[...]

Around the world in 365 docobites

I thought that when I saw a photo of the duo behind 365 docobites via the brilliant Humans of Amsterdam Facebook page (which of course is influenced by the mahoosively popular Humans of New York) that was the first time I'd heard of the project. With Debra from Humans of Amsterdam. But a quick navigation around their website and I realised I'd seen som[...]

Hotels We Love: Suitehotel Pincoffs in Rotterdam

Not many old buildings still stand in the centre of Rotterdam, a city all but flattened by the Second World War, but there are a few. What is spooky is that the ones that remained, standing tall above the rubble, were arguably the most important buildings; the post office and St Lawrence Church in the centre of the city, and over by the water, the port's[...]

Bestival Festival: Glitter, Fancy Dress & Hugs

Walking into Bestival, a four-day music festival on the Isle of Wight, for the first time felt reminiscent of walking into my very first big-girl sleepover. I remember the sheer excitement of having a whole night of lax parental supervision that would be filled with eating too much ice-cream, playing truth or dare and talking to that cute boy. It was this[...]

One dress, one woman, one world

Most girls I know have a certain special item of clothing they can’t bear to travel without. A go to dress; some comfy shorts; that perfectly battered pair of trusty Converse that are just about to fall apart… Well, for Jennifer Salvage that item happens to be a little bit more unusual. You see, Jennifer travels with her wedding dress. It all started on M[...]

About Camels & Kitesurfers – Memories of Essaouira.

“I really admire how you can walk in heels on these streets”, I say to Isabelle while I try to catch up to her on the crumbling sidewalks of Essaouira. Isabelle is the owner of La Maison des Artistes, the riad I am staying at, and is wearing chic Chloé pumps while I am in Havaianas. She turns to me with a somewhat confused look, “Excuse me, I'm from Paris.” [...]

Why I love to travel with the girls

They say your friends are the family you choose and if that’s the case, I’m more than happy to take all the credit for the family I’ve built around me and in particular, the girls I've welcomed into my life. My female friendships have always held a special place in my heart. Good girlfriends will see us at our best and worst, will laugh and cry with us, will[...]

A brief guide to the suburbs of Melbourne

Melbourne is arguably, and most rightly so, one of the top most liveable cities in the world! I lived there for nearly three years and it is definitely a place that stole my heart - I'll always think about it with affection and hope of returning. One of the many reasons why I love it is that it is so diverse with a multitude of suburbs that would suit any ch[...]

My love affair with the world - Tales of three cities.

As Caroline showed with her love letter to London, clearly the idea of being in a love with a city like you would be in love with a person is not an unknown concept. I too, have at least in my mind written love letters to or thrown plates at cities at one point or another. If you look at my track record I am not quite promiscuous, but I am definitely not mar[...]

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