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5 Female Instagrammers you should follow

Have you ever found yourself voluntarily missing a call because you were too busy scrolling down Instagram? Well, I am ashamed to admit I have. More than once, actually. This social network has been one of my hobbies lately. I ended my RoundTheWorld trip a few months ago, and the come-back home has not been easy. I miss living out of a backpack, meeting new [...]

Capturing Love and Travel: The Lens Between Us

Happy Valentine’s month! Whether your little eyes light up with love hearts over V-Day or whether you hate it with a fiery passion, it’s hard to miss this red card and candy holiday. In fact, I’m pretty sure that as soon as the January sales bite the dust, retailers wheel out the satin hearts and cuddly bears to remind people of their next big expenditure le[...]

Seeing the world with new eyes: Headstands by Anton Charushin

How do you keep your travel photography original? It's close to impossible to answer that question with a few words, but Anton Charushin doesn't need words to do that. He just does headstands. A lot of them. Anton, 27, from Russia got into breakdancing in high school where he realised that doing headstands is pretty good for your blood circulation and gen[...]

A very Traveletty year: 2014 on Instagram

You know what the most liked Instagram picture of 2014 is? A picture of Kim Kardashian and Kayne West's wedding. Yeah, that's right. We decided we needed to chip in some blue-sky-cocktails-crystal-ocean pictures to make up for that apparent lack of pictures from the road on this world's social media charts. (Our most liked Instagram picture by the way was[...]

24 Hours in Brno

Ok, I lied in the title. I had about 30 hours when I explored Brno the other weekend. But as most of my time was spent in the dark halls of Klub Fléda - 60% social media barcamp, only 40% party, I swear - I had significantly less than 24 hours to roam the streets of this colourful little town. But let's just assume you have a day to spend - what should you d[...]

#DailyTravelette Instagram Challenge - Recap #2

Summertime Blues couldn't have been more of a fitting theme for day 30 of our #DailyTravelette Instagram challenge, as we all sure felt a bit blue to finish up our summer 2014 challenge! This month has passed by in a blur of amazing images snapped around the world, inspirational scenes of adventure, evocative scenes from your everyday lives and creative shot[...]

July 2014 Instagram Challenge – Recap #1

Blue skies, bright colours, dreamy beaches, fresh treats, and also lightning storms, quiet times indoors, even snow from the Southern hemisphere! This is what we've been finding on the #dailytravelette feed throughout the first half of the Travelettes Instagram Challenge – July 2014 edition. It's always fun to find out how you guys interpret the themes we[...]

The Travelettes Instagram Challenge - July 2014

It's here! For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, summer is officially here. Along with the new season come promises of hot days, chilled drinks, pool fights, nature adventures, spontaneous road-trips, shoes-and-pants-optional, enjoying the last bits of light with friends around endless barbecues... and travel! travel! travel! The days ahead are some[...]

Barcelona, as you've never seen it before

I've been following @nicnorgacia for nearly two years and every time I see a photo of his on Instagram I think, I must share his amazing photos with the Travelettes readers. So finally that's what I'm doing. Hey, you can't say I'm not diligent at keeping my promises. I'm just not very prompt at doing so. Here are five reasons why I love Mr Nican[...]

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