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5 reasons to go to... Greenpoint

Manhattan is an incredible part of the world, but sometimes, especially during summertime, I get fed up with its rush, the smell and the sticky heat. I want to feel a breeze on my skin, sit down quietly for a drink somewhere and just let life pass me by for a bit. Go to Williamsburg, some of you might say. And yes, Williamsburg is cool, but in the recent [...]

The Northern Lights: The ultimate light show

When I was young, one of the top things on my list of 'Things to do before I die' was to see the Northern Lights. I had heard of its beauty, seen its gorgeous colours on postcards, witnessed snapshots in documentaries but never really followed through on my aim in life, which I was so adamant about when I was twelve. I always thought they were a rare [...]

The Streets Of England Are The New Bookstores

Imagine wandering the streets of your home city in England. Care-free, arms swinging, breezy cool autumn air on your cheeks as you meander through your local park/bus station/coffee shop/museum. And you come across a book. Alone and just sitting there. No owner sipping coffee, taking a break from the book they put down, no reader knelt beside it tying [...]

How to tip without offending

Have you ever wandered into a café in a foreign land without knowing what the common etiquette is in tipping? Is it expected? What’s too much? What’s too little? Will it offend if I do? Will it offend if I don’t? I’d never been that aware of leaving cash in gratitude when I grew up in England. When young, it stretched to the odd 50 pence left on the table i[...]

Around the World for Free

Have you heard of that show ‘Around the World for Free’? I hadn’t until a few days ago, and when I saw that it was ex-reality stars being filmed to travel, I wasn’t very impressed… until I found out the details: 'Around the World for Free' (ATWFF) is a reality series that challenges an individual to get all around the world with absolutely no money and one c[...]

Travel to Space in a Hot Air Balloon (Or Almost)

Taking a ride in a hot air balloon is about as romantic as it can get and who among us doesn't love a little romance? Perhaps your ultimate "travel bucket list" experience is taking a balloon ride over Tuscany while having a champagne breakfast? Certainly swoon-worthy, but imagine being able to ride in a hot air balloon that carries you all the way to the st[...]

The Australian Outback with 'Dumb Dawgs'

'Dumb Dawgs in Darn' are a critically acclaimed series of photographs by Rowand Taylor, that document 16 mates from New South Wales, Australia, packing up and heading up to the outback Northern Territory to plant trees in University holidays. Now, I haven’t done any labouring in the serious hard-core outback of Australia, but the farming and fruit-picking[...]

23 Lessons I Have Learnt From Traveling

I stumbled across Karen’s blog, Dreamin’ The Life, and her incredibly poignant and insightful post of ‘27 things I’ve learnt in 27 years’. It got me thinking, what had I learnt in my 23 years? I don't feel particularly wise at all and feel I have so much to see/learn/do/go, but as Karen said, “sometimes you have to stop, and look back and realise you’ve come[...]

Blogs we like

I'd like to introduce some of my favorite places on the Internet - blogs written by ladies who inspire you to jump on a plane with only your camera and a roll of film for company, so you can see the world as they do. Some of them (Alison and Sandra) were among the first blogs I read on this Internet space thingy and maybe partly responsible for me wanting to[...]

Dear Norway...

Beautiful mountains, fjords and tiny islands out in the open sea. Those are the pictures we are used to see of my dear Norway. A few days ago, before the bombing in Oslo and the shooting at Utøya last Friday, I never expected my homeland to be the center of attention as a result of terror. As the Norwegian author Jo Nesbø put it in his article The Past is a [...]

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