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Clichéd photo poses we should resist

It's a phenomenon we all know oh so well. We sigh and go 'tsssk!' at others when we see them doing it, yet most of us are guilty of doing it ourselves at some point... What am I talking about? That incredibly tacky pose tourists strike when they pose in front of a certain sight or landmark. Whether it you're 'holding up' the leaning tower of Pisa or pr[...]

Melbourne Cup Day - The Race That Stops A Nation

‘Melbourne Cup’ is an age old institution and tradition of the state of Victoria, Australia. I admit, I had never heard about it in previous trips to Oz until I came to live permanently in Melbourne and heard about an event which allowed excited Melbournians to have a public holiday. I was now an excited Melbournian who got a day off... but what was this all[...]

Damn, mothertrucker!

Welcome to my new Motorhome: Pfffffft, I wish! This 40-foot long luxury motorhome, dubbed with the catchy name ‘eleMMent Palazzo’, is at the affordable price of $2.9 million and is pretty much a mansion on wheels. It was created by Austrian company Marchi Mobile and just take a look at the inside and you’ll understand how it’s the world’s most expensive m[...]

The Glass Beach: a recycled beauty

When I was a child, I would look forlornly at the uncomfortable stone and pebble beaches my mum would take me to in England. Trying to sit comfortably would be awkward and painful, and traipsing to the sea shore would require hobbling and limping over spikey rocks. I would amuse myself though by wandering the beach with a sand bucket, choosing pretty pebbles[...]

The Travelettes Guide to Melbourne

Melbourne is sometimes incredibly stressful, and I find myself getting anxious and on edge in my free time and days off from work. “But it’s so cultural!! You must be in love with the city!!”, I hear you Travelettes cry, and yes that is correct. However, there is so bloody much to see, do, eat, drink, explore and discover, that I constantly find myself writi[...]

5 reasons to go to... Greenpoint

Manhattan is an incredible part of the world, but sometimes, especially during summertime, I get fed up with its rush, the smell and the sticky heat. I want to feel a breeze on my skin, sit down quietly for a drink somewhere and just let life pass me by for a bit. Go to Williamsburg, some of you might say. And yes, Williamsburg is cool, but in the recent [...]

The Northern Lights: The ultimate light show

When I was young, one of the top things on my list of 'Things to do before I die' was to see the Northern Lights. I had heard of its beauty, seen its gorgeous colours on postcards, witnessed snapshots in documentaries but never really followed through on my aim in life, which I was so adamant about when I was twelve. I always thought they were a rare [...]

The Streets Of England Are The New Bookstores

Imagine wandering the streets of your home city in England. Care-free, arms swinging, breezy cool autumn air on your cheeks as you meander through your local park/bus station/coffee shop/museum. And you come across a book. Alone and just sitting there. No owner sipping coffee, taking a break from the book they put down, no reader knelt beside it tying [...]

How to tip without offending

Have you ever wandered into a café in a foreign land without knowing what the common etiquette is in tipping? Is it expected? What’s too much? What’s too little? Will it offend if I do? Will it offend if I don’t? I’d never been that aware of leaving cash in gratitude when I grew up in England. When young, it stretched to the odd 50 pence left on the table i[...]

Around the World for Free

Have you heard of that show ‘Around the World for Free’? I hadn’t until a few days ago, and when I saw that it was ex-reality stars being filmed to travel, I wasn’t very impressed… until I found out the details: 'Around the World for Free' (ATWFF) is a reality series that challenges an individual to get all around the world with absolutely no money and one c[...]

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