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Exploring Nice with Pop in the City, the ultimate urban adventure race for women

Women can do amazing things - they can beat the odds and fly across the Atlantic like Amelia Earhart in 1928, or sail around the world on their own like teenager Laura Dekker, or adopt 40+ children off the streets of Nepal to give them a home like Maggie Doyne. They can change our perception of the world with their films or art, they can fight sexism by broa[...]

Adrenalin rushes in Kössen, Austria

“Are you ready?”, I heard him say right into my ear. “Yes,” I say. NO, I think – but what can you do. Slowly I start walking forwards. Suddenly a heavy weight pulls me back and forces me to stop. “And now run,” he shouts from the back. I do as I'm told – and as any woman would do when pilot Dreamy Eyes commands. Left, right, left, right; at the next step my [...]

Why I love to travel with the girls

They say your friends are the family you choose and if that’s the case, I’m more than happy to take all the credit for the family I’ve built around me and in particular, the girls I've welcomed into my life. My female friendships have always held a special place in my heart. Good girlfriends will see us at our best and worst, will laugh and cry with us, will[...]

12 ½ tips to travel like the devil in Prada

I’m an innate planner, sometimes to a fault. The amount of research I spend on routes, hotels, places to eat and shop and be merry, is actually insane when I think about it. While I do that with the intention to have the best possible trip, I will admit that I am generally a bit of a control freak and I enjoy it too. Planning a trip is half the fun for me no[...]

#DailyTravelette Instagram Challenge - Recap #2

Summertime Blues couldn't have been more of a fitting theme for day 30 of our #DailyTravelette Instagram challenge, as we all sure felt a bit blue to finish up our summer 2014 challenge! This month has passed by in a blur of amazing images snapped around the world, inspirational scenes of adventure, evocative scenes from your everyday lives and creative shot[...]

The Travelettes Instagram Challenge - July 2014

It's here! For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, summer is officially here. Along with the new season come promises of hot days, chilled drinks, pool fights, nature adventures, spontaneous road-trips, shoes-and-pants-optional, enjoying the last bits of light with friends around endless barbecues... and travel! travel! travel! The days ahead are some[...]

If I ever won the lottery...

Let's be honest, do you ever lie in the sun in the park or your balcony with your eyes closed and dreaming of the Caribbean sun kissing your skin? Of exploring a faraway and hardly accessible place? Of deciding on a trip and actually leaving the next moment? Of spending all your time with adventures and friends instead of your computer and boss? I am perfect[...]

Around the world in 16 steps of street art

It's safe to say us Travelettes have seen a beautiful sight or two in our time. Whether that's rainbows over cascading waterfalls, luminous pink sunsets sinking into the ocean, jungle temples catching the first light of dawn or the spread of twinkling, big city lights at night... The world is a beautiful place and there's a hell of a lot of it out there. [...]

How To Escape To The Other Side Of The World

Waking up to the same piece of grey sky every morning. Walking down the street you walked down thousands of times, not even paying attention to the crazy people yelling at themselves on the corner anymore. Automatically doing those two steps into the bus, waiting for the familiar beep of your transport pass being scanned. Sitting on a chair all day that has [...]

Barcelona: The Perfect Weekend Getaway

Romantic streets, perfect wine, intricate alley-ways, delicious ice cream, stunning gothic architecture, ridiculously fabulous food… have I got your attention? Good. The sun has recently peeped out for us in the UK, and it has given us the taste of summer’s excitement… and we want more. I’ve been hearing many friends begin planning European getaways and wher[...]

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