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When I first booked my trip to work a few months in a hospital in southern Malawi, my friends and family could not be convinced of the idea to visit me. Political and social crises, the fact that it’s landlocked and hard to reach, the lack of famous national parks and simply not knowing anything about the country made it hard to get them excited. All I knew myself was that …

[ Written by guest | 19 Nov 2014 | 10 Comments | ]

“Where is the 4×4?”, “Check the gear stick!”, “I am, there is nothing.” “Maybe a button?!” “A button? Since when do you put the 4×4 in with a button?”.
When three very proficient drivers cannot find it, chances are that no, the car you hired is not hiding the 4×4 from you, it simply does not have one. And as it is not the Batmobile, chances that it will magically grow …

[ Written by Annika | 24 Jun 2014 | 5 Comments | ]

They say some are born travellers. Some achieve travel. And some have travelling thrust upon them. Or words to that effect, I’m sure. And so, to the latter category must belong Tippi Degré, a little girl who spent the first, incredible ten years of her life growing up in the wilds of Africa.
Born in Namibia in 1990, the daughter of French, freelance wildlife photographer and film-maker parents, Tippi experienced a …

[ Written by Alex | 13 Mar 2014 | 8 Comments | ]