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Paris Nostalgia – Part I

Written by 11 October 2010 10 Comments

Visiting Paris is always a slice of magic. I once lived in here for 3 years and I still get enchanted by the pittoresque streets, the little cafes and the charms of French people.

After an almost 2 year-absence I went back last week for Paris Fashion Week. However, I ended up spending next to no time at shows but wandered the streets of the French capital taking in their beauty. The result are these snapshots I took which hopefully transport some of the nostaligia I feel for “my Paris”.


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  • iheartprintsandpatterns said:

    These black and white photos of Paris are absolutely beautiful – what a wonderful and inspiring city!

  • Sophie said:

    gorgeous and beautiful…

  • danny said:

    Very nice pictures + impressions!

  • Elsa said:

    These photographs are beautiful, a lot of reflection. Were they taken with a digital camera?

  • katja said:

    dear elsa

    all photos were taken with a canon 5d.

  • Quoc said:

    my god, these photos are excellent, the framing and focus are fantastic. what program are you using for the effects?

  • Gail Peck said:

    Beautiful series–it makes nostalgic for the few days I spent in Paris many years ago.

  • katja (author) said:

    hey quoc

    i develop the photos in the raw converter plugin for photoshop.

  • greg paq said:

    Paris is beautiful!!! great pictures again!

  • Natashja said:

    Love your shots…you even have a shot of my favorite place in Paris – Petit Fer! I spent many hours in the bar and la terasse talking to friends and strangers during a hot summer where I was lucky enough to live around the corner for four months…will be back there next week :-)

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