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What travel takes and what it gives

Travel takes a lot. It takes money, debit cards, planning, patience and time. Colombian pick pockets have taken my purse, Bali ATM’s have taken my banking information, India has taken my definition of personal space and shrunk it ten fold. New cities have stolen my heart, or a small piece of it, because there are just way too many cities I have left my heart[...]

5 cool things to do in Edinburgh

I'm a Glasgow girl through and through - after two years of living here, people can certainly pick that up from my accent, and I love it. They might even be able to pick it up from my behaviour, as a friend of mine put it very adequately after the police had been called to our hotel on a recent trip, because I was chatting to loudly with my balcony neighbour[...]

A Travelettes' Journey into the Sahara Desert

Seeing the Sahara Desert is like stepping into a desktop screensaver - all at once familiar yet surreal, almost too pristine and too perfect to be surrounding me. The moment I set foot on the sand, the desert seems to engulf me as I am instantly surrounded by rolling orange-red sand dunes on all sides that is interrupted only by an occasional bush spotting t[...]

18 things to do in Copenhagen on a budget

Yes, you read it right, Copenhagen is doable on a budget! Anyone who has ever travelled to Scandinavia knows that it can be very expensive but unbeknownst to many tourists, there are a lot of awesome things that you can do for cheap - and for free. Summer is a glorious time to visit, as Copenhagen comes alive and teeming with many delightful sights and prosp[...]

6 reasons to put Pushkar on your bucket list

I recently traveled India for the first time and because it is such a huge and overwhelming country, I asked a friend, who had lived in Delhi for two years, for advice on how she would go about doing it right for the first time. She gave me great advice, some of which I bundled here in one of my other India posts, but one recommendations that stood out was t[...]

The Travelettes Guide to Interrailing through Eastern Europe

We slept under the stars, were chased out of a train in Serbia at 4am, saw the Julian Alps in Slovenia, got on three wrong trams in the middle of the night in Zagreb in a row (I blame the excellent Croatian wine!), and wandered around a deserted warehouse in Budapest. We cried when taking the first steps in Ljubljana (it’s stunning like that), skipped every [...]

A beginner's guide to Russia

Matryoshkas, Vodka, Communism. If these are your first associations with Russia, think again. The world's largest country in terms of land area has far more to offer than that. So don't let yourself be intimidated by what you hear on the news. Don't fear the language barrier. Here's what you need to know when you think about travelling Russia for the first t[...]

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