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15 Ways to Travel Green

Frequent traveling has an incredible impact on the world - today we want to be at the other end of the world faster and cheaper, tomorrow we...

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Here's Why Travel Makes You Feel Alive

"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." – Howard Thurman Thank you Howard Thurman, you are so damn right – the world simply needs more people who have 'come alive' and traveling is one of the most effective ways to 'lean in' to life. Travel forces yo[...]

10 Travel Photographers you have to follow on Instagram!

Instagram is full of travel inspiration. From golden sunsets to engaging portraits and spontaneous moments. I love using the app to find my new favourite travel photographers, and each of the 10 I've chosen below offer a different style and sense of place for where they travel. We hope you enjoy each and every one of these incredible accounts, and don't forg[...]

10 Things I Learned From Hitchhiking

Let’s get this out of the way now: Yes, I hitchhiked. Yes, alone, yes, I’m a girl, yes, I’m under 25. Actually, I was under 20 when I started. Those of you who are hitchhikers as well will think this is nothing special, boring even: of course you hitchhike. How else would you get to discover tons of places at a time in your life when your bank account is dan[...]


As you know, we have started this series where we introduce you to our favorite traveling couples. Next up in our spotlight are Fel and Wes: a fun-loving duo that likes to travel on the cheap and share their tips on their blog, Feather and the Wind. Fel and Wes: The fun budget travelers One day I'd like to organize a survey called: How do couples of tr[...]

24 hours in Munich

Munich and I never really clicked. I grew up visiting parts of my family there in the summer, then came back for interviews and job stuff. I never really took the time to actually explore it and forget the stereotypes that have  accumulated in my head over the years. In my mind, Munich was snobby, clean and boring. That's by no means the full picture! So whe[...]

My Path from College to 9-to-5, and back again

When I was in college, I was often told that I should find a good job after graduation and make a career out of it. I heard it so many times, that I did it. Right after graduation, I started an internship in an international organization and got hired right after. It was a job I had always wanted but somehow I got bored after a couple of months. I li[...]

10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Copenhagen

While Asia might have exotic cultures and the Americas have untouched landscapes, you can't deny that Europe does cities the best. It's that perfect mix of beautiful old architecture, vibrant modern cultures and incredible food. I love exploring European cities and each and every one seems to offer something different and unique. My recent trip to Copenha[...]

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