Dear Ladies of the World,

If you are currently in the beautiful and cultural city of Melbourne, please do make sure you swing past our first Australian Flea Market! It’s being held on Saturday 10th March.
I have met so many lovely girls who are worrying slightly about how they’re going to get their hands on the cash that will make their trip enjoyable… So many have flights booked anywhere from India to Bali, New York to West Australia, England to Berlin, jeezum crow!! A lot of Travelettes lurking and in desperate need to trade their treasured items in order to travel!

There’ll be cupcakes for sale, clothes, shoes, handbags, you name it! Fingers crossed for lovely Aussie weather though as it’s open air. Check us out on Facebook if you want to know more.

Come on down to the Corner of Elgin Street and Rathdowne Street in Carlton, Melbourne, VIC 3053 (it’ll be in the alley-way!) 11am to 6pm.

Much love