Katja Hentschel

katja hentschel1 150x150 Katja Hentschel Katja Hentschel founded travelettes.net after successfully completing a year of backpacking the world in heels. Her favorite modes of transportation are helicopters and jetskis and she would always trade a 5-course meal at a fancy restaurant for a hot soup at a Thai roadside kitchen. Give her a camera and a high five and she will go out and find adventure.

Get in touch with her at katja@travelettes.net

Sophie Saint

sophie saint travelettes 150x150 Sophie Saint Sophie joined Travelettes back in 2009 after she graduated and fled the UK for exotic adventures! She took on an epic backpacking trip that led her to discovering her favourite city, Melbourne. After a few years frolicking in Australia, she finally returned back to England. She whiles away her time planning European escapes, crocheting, and daydreaming of escaping to SE Asia & living in eternal summers. See what else she’s up to on her blog Saints on a Plane.

Sophie reads emails at sophie@travelettes.net

Frankie Thompson

Profile Pic 150x150 Frankie Thompson

Londoner turned Wanderer, Frankie, aka Bird, is a location independent writer, researcher and author. After working in a number of sensible(ish) jobs in the City, and finally mastering the London dating scene, she decided to throw it all in for two years of nomadic living with an Australian she met snowboarding in Austria. Currently based in Amsterdam, Frankie spends her non-travel days riding bikes, trying to look as cool as the Dutch, and writing short stories and novels about the places she goes and can’t forget. Find out more As the Bird flies…

Say hi to Frankie at frankie@travelettes.net

Alex Saint

alex 150x150 Alex Saint Alex bases herself in Bristol, England, due to its exciting social, art and music scene and the array of cheap entertainment and festivals the city lays on. She loves fun, Harajuku style fashion, cute characters like Hello Kitty, tattoos, boys that play guitar, pugs, and of course, travelling. Some of her most best memories are swimming under waterfalls in Thailand, dancing to reggae all over the world and whiling away the day with friends on those rare but gorgeous English summer afternoons when the sky turns blue and the sun comes out. See what else she’s up to on her blog Saints on a Plane.

Drop her a line at alex@travelettes.net

Kathi Kamleitner

IMG 2542 1 150x150 Kathi Kamleitner After spending most of her life in Vienna, Kathi exchanged the comfort of her home with the excitement of living on the road. After studying and watching movies for money on film festivals in Denmark, Iceland and Berlin, she now has a new hometown: Glasgow, Scotland! Kathi is always preparing her next trip, documenting her every step with her camera and publishing stories on her website. All time favourites: the beautiful nature of Iceland, Norway, and Canada.

Send her some nice words at kathi@travelettes.net

Rita Maria

ritamaria 150x150 Rita Maria

Goofy Rita packed her vans into a backpack first time at the age of eighteen. A round-the-world trip gave a forever lasting spark to always look for new adventures to this talkative vegan girl. She’s always up for new challenges, whether somebody is throwing her out off a plane or giving her a surfboard. Her destinations are often situated somewhere near wavy beaches or other bohemian environments. For the past few years Rita has been on the road non-stop, and lived shortly in way too many places for one person to remember. On a paper she is located in Copenhagen, but you never know where she actually is.

Rita reads mails at rita@travelettes.net.

Marie Colinet

mariec 150x150 Marie Colinet Marie caught travel fever when she left her native France to study in Australia for a year; the fever turned out so serious that she actually stayed two. She loves the smell of coffee, watching the sunrise after a night of partying, and would never go anywhere without a book. Currently living in Paris, Marie dreams of driving up the 25 000 kilometres of the Pan-American highway, all the way from the tip of South America to Alaska — but might have to work on getting that driving license first.

Get in touch with Marie at mariec@travelettes.net

Annika Ziehen

annika travelettes 150x150 Annika Ziehen Annika left her small hometown in Germany with a big bang to study in New York. There she fell in love – with the city, it’s people and the steamy summers. A job in fashion taught her the art of packing and how not to look out of place in a 5-star resort. When it was time for a change of scenery, she decided to move to Cape Town and learn how to plant trees and teach Bikram yoga. Now she can be found back in Hamburg or on her way to find the best souvenirs from around the world for her blog Midnight Blue Elephant.

Reach her at annika@travelettes.net

Caroline Schmitt

Caroline 150x150 Caroline Schmitt Caroline grew up with cameras of all shapes and sizes and fell in love with telling everyday stories early on. After spending her teenage years sneaking out of her parents’ house on weekends to explore, she moved to London at 18 to study and work in journalism. During a road trip through Canada and the US last summer she decided to move over to Vancouver one day. Caroline has a thing for burgers and for saying ‘yes’ and usually speaks way too fast.

Drop her a line at caroline@travelettes.net