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L.A. beach tales

Written by 5 June 2010 3 Comments

Los Angeles held somewhat of a surprise for me because this time I actually liked it. I had been here a couple of times before with friends and back then, I could not get into it. Maybe it was good that this time I came here on my own because that allowed me to take in the city on a more personal level and for a moment was able to imagine what it would feel like to live here. In particular Santa Monica and Venice seemed like very relaxed places to be with stellar people watching, and consequently photo opps. Something tells me I will return soon, next time for more than just 3 days…

IMG 4837 L.A. beach tales
IMG 4834 L.A. beach talesIMG 4922 L.A. beach talesIMG 4909 L.A. beach talesIMG 4913 L.A. beach talesIMG 4839 L.A. beach tales1o L.A. beach talesIMG 4918 L.A. beach talesIMG 4923 L.A. beach talesIMG 4917 L.A. beach talesIMG 4825 L.A. beach talesIMG 4822 L.A. beach talesIMG 4868 L.A. beach talesIMG 4877 L.A. beach talesIMG 5108 L.A. beach talesIMG 4943 L.A. beach talesIMG 4942 L.A. beach talesIMG 4907 L.A. beach talesIMG 5020 L.A. beach talesIMG 5103 L.A. beach talesIMG 5104 L.A. beach talesIMG 4924 L.A. beach talesIMG 5106 L.A. beach talesIMG 4829 L.A. beach talesIMG 4901 L.A. beach tales

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  • jaclyn said:

    venice is one of the wackiest and most amazing parts of socal! glad you enjoyed it there!

  • Lynne said:

    You’re traveling on your own right now? So you went to Vegas on your own, too? I thought you were roadtripping with a friend of yours, must have got it wrong in an earlier post from you then. I would love go to L.A. for holiday one day. Been there a couple of times before but that was always work related although I think I got to know some parts of the city quite well though my jobs but I have never had time for me there where I just went around and had time to really discover new things or just for plain sightseeing. Did you stay with friends or did you book a hotel? Any tips on a decent L.A. hotel with fair rates?

  • katja (author) said:

    hey lynne

    anthony and i traveled together from austin to vegas by car. anthony had to move house on the 31st so he had to go back and couldnt join me for LA. i took the greyhound – a WHOLE other chapter (and soon to be released blogpost) in itself!

    about LA hotel rates. nah, even i stayed at a hostel – a great one though, the HI in santa monica. i had a room full of women around my age traveling alone. quite fun!

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