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It’s nice to be alone in Paris and other maps

Written by 10 April 2012 91 Comments

“Some people are stuck with terror at the thought of finding themselves alone and at a loose end in a big city, but we can’t think of no better way to pass the time. It is an opportunity to explore, to get pleasantly disorientated, to rush past familiar sights and dawdle over only the things that you want to see”

I read these words a couple of days ago on Ktinka‘s Instagram stream and I could totally identify with that. For me, even if sharing special travel moments with friends or loved ones is nice, exploring a city or a place on my own is exactly that. Being able to pass by all the regular sights, exploring tiny cafés and walking through small alleyways where nobody else could find a reason to enter. You almost feel like hiding a little secret. This way I feel much closer to a place, even like a local.

After some investigating, I found out that this was actually the back of a map. If this wasn’t good enough they are beautifully designed and have little illustrations and recommendations on the back. Herb Lester Associates are the ones who create those neat guides, categorized into specific themes and aspects of the world’s greatest cities. They are all produced by the Herb Lester team themselves in collaboration with different illustrators for each topic. Clearly, my graphic designer soul had to order some!

These guides make no claim to be comprehensive or accurate, instead intend to introduce you to new places and re-evaluate familiar ones. Even the Berlin map could provide me with things I didn’t know of before. So far, there are maps for cities such as Paris, Berlin, Glasgow, London, New York, Austin and Chicago available. Litho-printed on A2 or A3 recycled paper, folded to A6 the maps fit into every backpack or make a nice Travel Altar extra. Some of the illustrations can even be ordered as a screenprint.

And because we like them so much we are giving away 3 sets of 3 maps to you guys!

The sets are:

Set 1 “United States”
– How to find old New York
– Forty-one reasons why Brooklyn
– Hello Chicago

Set 2 “Europe”

– It’s nice to be alone in Paris
– When we think of Berlin
– A Glasgow companion

Set 3 “London”
– An uncle’s guide to London
– The best places to meet and work in London
– Untamed London – Where nature still runs wild in the big city

To win one simply comment below which set you’d love to have and why. Make sure to enter a valid email address in the required field and we’ll announce the winner by the end of the week.

Good luck!

This post was written by Nina Hüpen-Bestendonk, who has a funny name even for Germans; she is a wicked go-getter and creative freelance designer, photographer and blogger.

She has an eye for beauty and even finds it in ugly apartment blogs. Her weekly photo chronicle “My week in pictures” has already become a classic among urban Berliners. Find out more at smaracuja.de.


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  • Elizabeth said:

    I saw these on your instagram and loved ‘em! They’re so beautiful!

    I’m going to New York in 2 weeks to celebrate my 30th birthday, and that would be amazing to have for my trip :)

    Good luck yall!

  • Tina said:

    Oh goodness – it’s hard to decide but I’ll go for Europe. Simply because: it’s nice to be alone in Paris!

  • Erin said:

    I’m currently studying abroad in Paris, and have been absolutely loving the chance to explore the city–both tourist and local spots alike! Between finding the best croissant among local boulangeries, to searching for the greatest view of the city, I’ve definitely been keeping myself busy. I’m here for four months, and I don’t think I’ll even begin to scratch the surface of what Paris has to offer! In addition to the City of Light, I’ve been booking every trip I can to visit other parts of Europe. So far, I’ve been to Belgium, Luxembourg, and various parts of France, with plans to hit Italy, Germany, Monaco, and Holland (and hopefully more) before I leave! I love visiting places with friends, both old and new, but you can’t deny the benefits of exploring the sights on your own- some of my favorite discoveries have been a result of getting purposely lost on my way home!I would absolutely love to have a set of the Europe maps, so I can explore the hidden side of the places I’m traveling to :)

  • Luís said:

    Im currently living in Paris and i do believe that is nice to get lost around here (i actually get lost every single day), im going to Berlin on the next month and you just helped me deciding to visit Glasgow in a near future :)

    Needless to say that i would like to get Europe :]

  • Nancy said:

    Such a difficult choice! I was going to say the London set, because I’ve never been, but all three of the Europe cities are on my “next trips” list. I’m long overdue to visit Paris, having been once when I was 18, and at this point in my life an “alone” visit sounds heavenly. I have never been to Berlin or Glasgow; Berlin is an amazing arts city, and my heritage is Scottish, so that’s why they are on my list. These guides are absolutely beautiful – fingers crossed!

  • Daphne said:

    I would love to have the 2nd set as I have recently move to Paris and I think the “Its nice to be alone in Paris” map would be of great help while trying to explore this charming city and is to be my home for the next couple of months…But more importantly I felt that I could identify exactly with what is being said here, unveiling the beauty of a new city has never scared, on the contrary it’s a challenge I always like to take. Getting to know a city is all about getting lost in those tiny streets, visiting little cafes… No matter what the outcome, reading this post :)

  • Sara said:

    It’s nice to be alone in Paris…Paris the best city of the world!!!

  • Daniel Bach said:

    I’ll be in Berlin, Paris and Glasgow this summer. What a perfect map set! I used to show my friends around Glasgow (when I lived there) and never had a good map to show where we were on the map, and where we were going. Cool little contest.

  • Maren said:

    London is my favorite city in the world! I am always searching for new places to visit, either small cafes in Portobello Market, a store near Oxford street or a new museum.. I would love to get my hands on these maps and just go see everything on my next trip

  • Karolina said:

    I’d like to get set 3 – London. I want to live in London since I started learning English. It’s very magical, undiscovered city for me so maybe one day, when my dream comes true, this set will increase my happiness! :)

  • Lauren Ahern said:

    I would love love love to have the United States set! I just moved to Chicago for a new job and I would like to discover the unique, hidden gems that this city has to offer. I am always fascinated about discovering any destination that I visit/ live in through a different lens. I usually like to spend the weekends getting lost with my camera, meeting the locals and documenting the beauty that each place has to offer. The map of Chicago would greatly aid me in my explorative adventures. I could share some of my findings with The Travelettes!

  • Kalyn said:

    I would love to get set one, since I currently reside in the United States. Chicago has always fascinated me, but there are hardly any maps or interesting travel books on the city besides the mainstream additions. I would love to plan a trip back with this map and explore the more hidden places.

  • Michelle said:

    I would love set 3 – London. I am hoping to work towards getting my dual citizenship for the UK as my mom was born there. I’ve been to London three times and I am so in love with that city and the rest of the UK. I plan on moving there as soon as I’m finished school and this guide would be wonderful to have in my search for jobs and the secret side of London.

  • Elena said:

    PARIS & Berlin set!!! I am going soon. Love these. Tnanks!!

  • Christina said:

    I would love to win Set 1- the United States, because I´ve already been to Paris, Berlin and London- but I´m still dreaming of New York.!

  • Claire said:

    Hello !

    those maps look so lovely !

    I’d love to have the set n°2, because I just moved to Paris and don’t know the city very well yet, so it’ll help me a lot to discover and love even more this great city.
    Berlin is a city I really really love, I try to go there at least once a year and I’m always looking for tips to feel like a real Berlinerin.
    I’ve never been to Glasgow, it’ll give me a good reason to go there and discover a new city and make some new Scottish friends !

    finger crossed !

  • Marisa said:

    I would love the “United States” set to give to my best friend! We go to school in California and she got an internship in Brooklyn- she has to leave in early June. She’s an art major, and will be working at a screenprint shop and making murals with children. I think this would be the perfect gift for her- beautiful And useful!

  • Pat said:

    My first experience travelling alone was in Scotland where I met amazing people in hostels, on buses, wandering in the streets. I actually love getting lost. Not only do I discover unexpected places, but it also pushes me to ask my way around to complete strangers. However, a nice set of USA maps would be great since I simply love their design, I like acting like a local AND I’m heading for a trip to the states in May (starting with NYC). Cheers :D

  • steffi said:

    oh I’d love to take the Paris map with me in June, and Berlin in August, and Glasgow in January.

    One of the best things about traveling is sharing your experiences with someone who enjoys it just as much as you do, and to be able to remember these times together. One of the other best things is doing something all by yourself and to learn something new about yourself, collect your courage, make new friends, explore in new ways. You’ll need both every once in a while.

  • Charlene said:

    I would love set 1. I’m visiting New York for the first time in May.
    I think it would be a fun and memorable experience to
    explore the city with a map instead of depending on my gps and also to be able to visit the local/hidden spots !

  • B. Kachol said:

    Ohh I love maps. Seeing as you seem to do too, ther is a piece of text I once read in Elephant (magazine):

    “There is something about maps that triggers the imagination…

    Maps find their way into our everyday life, through newspapers, magazines, television and textbooks. They paint an image of the world, but no matter how used to them we become they are not a realistic representation of the world. Every map is an interpretation. Borders, as drawn in maps, are subject to change and you won’t find a line drawn on the ground to makrk the boundaries. countries are not yellow, or green, or red. Maps, with all the colours of the rainbow, are a just possible model of a world. Choices have been made as to what is to be included, or not, and these in turn determine the way we understand reality.
    Maps organize and categorize reality. ‘Look at this.’ ‘Don’t look at that.’ They bring order to chaos. Nature versus humans. The natural world appears to be homogeneous and understandable, classifiable, comprehensible, above all static. Something we can grasp, small and reachable. Having the world open like a book in our hands, seeing it from the bird’s view of a map, our mind starts to travel.

    There is something about maps that triggers the imagination…

    You stare at a map, and dream of faraway places, imagining the people, the colours and the smells of this never visited place. A map speaks of a desire for the unknown, a sense of longing, an open window. Yet, at the same time, maps bring about a strong sense of belonging. How we describe ourselves in terms of our origins, identifying ourselves with the city we were born in, recognizing that little red dot on the map as our home. Maps are instruments of positioning, not only physical, but psychological too. They help us make sense of who we are and where we come from. Where we are going, where we would like to go.
    No wonder artists feed on this array of symbols and codes. Some artists will use maps as a prime material: make collage works, making patterns out of old maps, cutting maps in order to create collections, like souvenirs from expeditions, cutting and pasting, with borders and lines becoming life paths and reminding us of the gragility of the world and of life itself. Nothing is permanent, nor written in stone: the world changes and we change with it. A map can become a stage in which narratives can take place. It can become the trail of a journey, or the method in which to track the past, embody memories, explain the unexplainable. A personal interpretation of the world becomes a map in itself. ”

    Basically I quote this to everybody because it’s so perfect and true. I just love maps, I have maps of favourite places and keep them as posters in my room so I can pretend to be there.
    That said, I like the Europe one best, because I like paris and berlin and probably glasgow as well and it would be nice to visit their maps.

  • alyssa said:

    I’d be heading down to the East Coast of America end of this month. It will be my first ever trip out of Asia, and checking a bucket list item off… :)

    And I have a confession to make. Apart from the fact that 1. I will be arriving in New York; 2. I have a friend in Boston..who may not have been done with his finals & 3. a friend who’d be coming from the West Coast in America a week into my arriving in the US..

    ..hence, in all honesty I haven’t the faintest idea what, where, when how I am going to go about exploring America’s East Coast, just ready to get lost, and there’s no way better to get lost but rediscover with the lovely Set 1 that you have over there.


  • Johanna said:

    As I`m travelling to London in the summer I`d love to win set 3 “London” in order to explore the city with a new perspective.

  • Carly said:

    I have done a bit of traveling solo, but not in Paris…yet. The maps I have from different cities are journals of my days spent getting lost, discovering things, taking pictures and making new friends. As soon as I look at that free map from the hostel check in desk, I remember the most obscure and lovely details from my trips.

  • Jeannette said:


    Thanks for this article! I take set 2: Europe. Paris and Berlin are two of my favorite European cities. I think of Paris being my alter ego and Berlin being the place that I want to live in for the rest of my life.
    I have been in both cities and when I first step into both of them, I knew that they were whispering my name: What took you so long Jeannette?

  • Anamayya said:

    Hi Travelettes,

    I would love to get set 1 – These vagabond shoes, are longing to stray, right through the very heart of it, New York, New York. :)

    I have to wait 5 damn months, then > little girl’s dream comes true ! *sparkling eyes*

  • ria said:

    because i will visit paris in the summertime ALONE, so this is like the perfect finding in the absolut right time. GREAT, thank you for digging deeper into the worlwideweb to find those maps. ria

  • Marissa said:

    Oh I’d love the United States set! My boyfriend and I made it our goal this year to travel to cities in the US we haven’t been to yet and New York is on the list! Chicago is also on the list because he’s never been there before and I just love it :)

  • Heike said:



    – I am going there next week
    – my host cancelled my booking a week before
    – I have some curious Instagram-Friends to feed with new pics

    and I desperatley NEED a sweet NERD-Guide. :-)

  • Kristi said:

    The US! I’m currently traveling through Europe. Throughout traveling, I’ve met so many Americans in hostels or Europeans who have been to the US. It’s made me realize that I haven’t even explored my own country yet!

    My next goal: explore the US. There is SO many beautiful places I have yet to see in my life.

    PLUS, I am planning a trip to NYC for my 21st in August. This will definitely help.

  • Michelle said:

    I would love to have Europe! Am heading to germany and holland end of this month.

    Map is my guide so that I won’t get so lost.
    If these map is not that comprehensive, i’d love to use it to discover new places.
    I can imagine how fun it is to plant down new landmarks on the map.
    Hmmm makes me think of the monopoly game. :)

  • Helena said:

    It’s nearly 20 years I’ve been to both New York and Chicago for the first time with a high school exchange programme. At that time watching ‘Ferris Bueller’s day off’ about 100 times was my way of prep. Now I desperately want to go there again soon – so it would be great to prepare and cultivate the thrill of anticipation with this beautiful maps.

  • Sonja said:

    those are truly beautiful but it’s hard to pick one set. I would go for the London one because I’ll visit an old friend in London this fall. I met her in 2005 during an internship in Birmingham and haven’t seen her since.

  • Julia said:

    Uff, what a difficult decision! They are all so beautiful. But I have have to choose one I’d say Set 2 “Europe”. First of all, I’m living in Berlin, secondly, it’s been ages since I’ve been in Paris and most importantly I’m visiting Glasgow again this year with one of my girls. Last year some unfortunate events prevented us from having that trip, so we’re really looking forward to it.

  • Peggy said:

    As I am totally in love with New York ever since I’ve been there for the first time four years ago I’d love to explore the city again with those maps. There’s not one day that I don’t think of the biggest love in my life – New York!

  • Marlene said:

    London ! I’m gonna live there next year ! And I haven’t any uncle who lives in !

  • spreewittchen said:

    hello lovely travelettes,

    these maps caught my eyes a couple of days ago and now here they are – funny. i like to share, so the berlin map would be for my brother (he just moved back to our amazing city – maybe after i took a lil sneak peak), i’ll go to glasgow next year – and i’m always lost, even with maps, but that way it would look stylish at least :) and i can’t get enough of paris. been there 3 times and still haven’t seen everything at the louvre!

    so, europe it is.

    thank you. especially for this blog.

  • Jenny said:

    Europe, as I love to be alone in Paris…

  • adam said:

    Would love some USA maps to decorate my walls in Berlin – would help fight off the homesickness!

  • Camille said:

    Ohh I really love them!! Hope i’ll have some luck :p

  • Melissa said:

    All of them? If I really had to pick though I’d have to say set 1, because I’m taking my first solo trip there and Mexico in January!!

  • Falinda Leong said:

    I love to have a London map as it’s the Olympic London 2012, gonna take this opportunity to visit London!

  • Petard said:

    I would love the European set. Ever since settling in Berlin over a year ago I’m finding myself more and more in love with the European mainland. I’ve never been so inspired to travel and explore as I am now that I’ve left my homeland far away…

  • Sonja said:

    I would love to get the USA Package ’cause I already saw the tourity side of New York and would like to do something new next time I go there!

  • stefania said:

    It’s so hard to chose among this three amazing sets!!but I have to choose set 2 as the top of my personal wishlist cause I’m going to live in Paris for 6 months!!Aniway also set 1 or 3 would be very appreciate for a future trip!;)

  • Nuno said:

    I would love to get the europe maps. the reason is simply to not get lost again anymore :)

  • Yelda said:

    I would love to win.
    I’ve never been in Paris.

  • Bea said:

    I would love to have the “united states”-set.

    Just because I have lately been to Chicago and I just LOVE the city. An awesome-looking souvenir would be great! And I really want to go back and explore more. New York is very likely my next stop!

  • Idoia said:

    I have arrived to live in Paris not too long ago from a little city in Spain and I’m still afraid of going alone to discover the city.
    I think that with these amazing guides I would find less hard to put my shoes on and start discovering what’s out waiting for me!
    London is just 2h far by train (Berlin not more farer), so once started to travel abroad, why not do it in the best possible way? with a treasure to guide my steps!

  • Tea said:

    Because it’s been 5 years since I last went abroad and I intend on going somewhere this summer after I pass all my exams. Somewhere in Europe, that is.
    Oh, and I love maps. :)

  • Ella said:

    Paris & London set⊙ω⊙I am going soon!!!Thank you!!!

  • Victoria said:

    I would love the USA maps because I am taking the love of my life to the US for a birthday surprise – he moved thousands of miles away from home to be with me and this trip is just one of the ways I’m trying to show him how much I love him. We may get lost in each other’s eyes but at least we’ll know where we’re going!

  • Kati said:

    Next year my boyfriend and I are going on a roadtrip across the USA for about a month. I will be finished with my studies and because our relationship is getting stronger and more intensive with every year we are doing this trip for us! He’s my best friend and I could’nt think of a better person going on this trip with me. So the United States maps would be perfect for us! It would totally help us planning this trip and finding the best places to be.


  • Olatz said:

    I love them!

    I’d like to have them to inspire me to make one about Mumbai ;-)

  • Monique said:

    I would love to own the “Europe” Set as like Freya Stark said:
    “To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.” !

  • Julia said:

    I’d like to have Set 2 because I plan to visit both Paris und Berlin soon. It’s gonna be more fun with these lovely maps!

  • Falinda Leong said:

    I would love to have a map of London as it’s the Olympic London 2012, gonna take this opportunity to visit London!

  • Eva said:

    I would love love love to have the United States set!
    I’m moving to New York in the summer to continue my studies. Although I have lived there before, it is always wonderful and a true necessity to explore new places in my beloved city – or rather “old” as the map writes. Since I’m thinking about moving to Brooklyn, this map would truly be helpful on where to settle down. And last but not least, I have never been to Chicago and planned to do a roadtrip over there before my studies start in September. I’m picturing my friend and me in a cabriolet wearing 60s sunglasses, listening to Frank Sinatra and eating tons of ice cream on the way… This map would make it perfect!
    just thinking about it makes me so so excited. fingers crossed and all the best from a Berlin girl in the Middle East, Eva

  • Lea said:

    I’d love to win the Set No. 2 for Europe because I’ve been to all of these cities and loved them, but I’d like to go again and again and again… because everytime you can explore new things especially in such ever changing cities.

  • Aileen said:

    I’ve lived some time in London already, but when I come back i always think that there is more to be found. I think these maps could help me find the unfound!
    So i would love to win Set 3! :)

  • Verena said:

    I would loooove to win the second set with Berlin, Paris and Glasgow. I’ve never visited all those cities (okay, a little one day stop-over at Berlin when it rained cats and dogs), but they are definitely on my “to-do-list”. Being a broke university student travelling isn’t easy, but probably as soon as I hold one of those amazing maps in my hand I’ll just go and work a few horrible double shifts so I can make it happen. Plus the maps are so cute, I need them for my travelling wall!

  • Alexandra said:

    I would love the London set as I’ll spend a semester in England this autumn and then I simply need these cuty maps.

  • Wiebke said:

    Ich würde mich riesig über das Europe Set freuen; das würde meinen Freund sicherlich die Vorfreude auf das nächste Wiedersehen in Paris versüßen.

  • Piritta said:

    Oh wow! How pretty are the maps! Such a hard choice to do, but I think I would choose the London one, no the Europe one, London, Europe, London, Europe.. arghhh! Okay the Europe set. Because I love love love Paris and I’m trying my best to go there within the next couple of months. If I don’t get anyone to go with me I’ll have to go by myself and therefore the Europe set would be most suitable for me.

  • Melissa Rachel Black said:

    Woo go travelettes! I would like the US one because I’m doing a roadtrip of my home country in a few months!

  • Verena said:

    Wow!! Beautiful! I would like to have the “London” Set beaucse I’m going to London soon!! :-)
    Set 3 would be great! :-)

  • Gabri said:

    Ich lasse mich überraschen…
    Any set I win, I’ll make a trip of it!
    Love stuff like this

  • Elise said:

    I would love to win the United States set because I’ve just come back from New York so that would give me a good reason to go back again. And a good reason to discover Chicago too !
    And the London one would be fab too as I may go there this summer.

    Thank you !!

  • Rebecca Ingram said:

    Hoping to take my Hubby to Paris this summer to celebrate our wedding anniversary as he has never been, so definately won’t be alone…..

  • Dom said:

    Set two please! Unfortunately, as a student, I still can’t aford to love NY, so the first set with America would be a little bit useless. Third is about London which I’ve already visited, felt in love with and actually I’d rather enjoy to explore it by myself. But set two? Paris? Glasgow? I am craving to see a good tips in those lovely guides. It’s useful to have something in my hand when I’ll be there, plus I love to be guide for friends around, so I am always the one with a map. I’ve never been to Glasgow or Paris, but belive it or not, I do head to Paris pretty soon… Besides for macarons and last fashion I am gonna go there for studies. And yes, in the beggining, I will be lonely there, so please, do not let me get lost!

  • Maria said:

    First thing when I plan a new trip is that I usually buy maps of the places i go, since I dont have a smartphone and I like to know where I am and to be in control of directions when I go somewhere.
    I have a friend in London that I visit regularly. Using those beautiful maps (to replace my totally ragged london city one) would make the next trips even more fun and a beautiful addition to my little map-collection! (plus i love that cover with the man on the bike. ;))

  • urs_u said:

    i would love to try paris alone or ny in love
    the well know opposite

  • Katherine said:

    London is a wonderfull city And I will like to Have your gift to help myself And rediscover London!

  • Barbara said:

    LONDON. I would love to win set number three because London is the place to be! A wonderful map like this, I really don’t wanna miss! It would be an honor to win one of those sets and I will always think about you on my trip – Travelettes :)!

  • Ekaterina said:

    These maps are simply adorable! I would really like to have them because I am sure that they will lead me to the most beautiful places. Berlin, Paris, Glasgow! I have always wanted to visit these cities, however, I have always found an excuse why not to buy a ticket right away. So I hope that the maps will give more courage :)

  • Ingo said:

    I’d opt for London as I will be going there in the summer and it certainly has changed a lot since my last visit some years ago.

    Thanks a lot for this raffle…


  • Mami said:

    I’d love to have “Set 2″… I’ve been to Berlin and Glasgow few years ago, and really loved them. I always want to travel somewhere but I haven’t be able to do that. Because I’ve been busy with my work and can’t take a long vacation…(I’m Japanese). Paris is the city I’d love to go for my next trip in the future. If I get these maps, I can remember my great memory with Berlin and Glasgow maps, and I can dream about Paris with the map. I’m not sure that I have a right to enter this because I live in Japan, but I really liked the maps… Thank you :-)

  • Carol said:

    I’d love the London set because I have already been to so many places in England – but never to London. This would just be the perfect companion for my next trip! :)

  • Marie said:

    Just came back from London where I lived half a year.

    Miss it badly.

    Staring at maps wouldn’t help to cure my wanderlust but push me to come back as fast as I can (study).

  • Marie said:

    I absolutely need set number 2, and here is why:
    1. I just moved into a new house, and my bedroom walls need them
    2. I just moved to Paris (in the said new house), and my legs need them to figure out where to go
    3. I’m going to Berlin this summer, and my lack of orientation skills needs compensation
    4. Berlin is 4 months away, and in the meantime my eyes definitely need some travel porn to stare at
    I promise these maps will be treated with caution and very much loved in their new home. Thanks Travelettes!

  • Franzi said:

    Hi Travelettes :)

    I would love to have the Europe Set, because I think it would be great to discover Berlin or Paris or Glasgow with my boy-friend. We had a hard time in the last months and I would like to surprise him with those cute little maps. He himself is a graphic designer and illustrator and loves stuff like that :)

    We are living in Berlin, so I would be also very curious about new ideas for nice places.


  • Michaela said:

    I love London! It`s true. I`ve been there in 2000 first and since then 5 times. I can not stop. There is my heart- everytime I go back to Germany I leave a part of my heart behind. Being in Germany feels like being incomplete all the time.Unfortunately, I did not know about these beautiful travel books. They could fill my heart with new impressions of my heart-city.

  • alissa said:

    i can’t decide which one i like best (:

    but if it comes to winning one, i think, i’d chose london. for i wanna study there in a few years time to become a proper artist and illustrator/graphic designer. i was there some weeks ago with my class and went like rather lost (: and those awesome maps would help me to find orientation and get to know london better.

    oh pls pls gift me with one, they’re adorable (:

    xx, alissa

  • Katie G said:

    I wouldn’t mind any of them! But I suppose the New york ones would be my choice! I’m an art student and all my art work is about travel (because I’m a little bit obsessed!!!) I’m travelling America this summer so these could come in really handy and would be a great help in my art work!!

    PICK ME! (please) <3 :)

    Katie xxx

  • Julia Zimmermann said:

    I would love to have the USA maps, as I am planning a little trip to NY and these would be just so handy to have. Thanks xx

  • nina said:

    You guys are amazing!
    I will announce the winners asap!

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  • Manding said:

    how inspirational; and how absolutely true ! these are perfect gifts; especially for a recent grad. …or not a recent grad. :) someone gift them to me!

    ps, http://amandamantes.blogspot.com !

  • Vintage Inspired Maps | {joycreation} said:

    […] via Herb Lester Associates, found on Travelettes. Written by Lisa Posted in Weekly Joy Feed /* Theme customization by © 2012 Lisa […]

  • Judith H. said:

    SET 2 PRETTY PLEASE, with lots of sugar on top. Merci Beaucoup xox

  • gratuit plan cul said:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on travelettes.

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