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How to Make Every Day Feel Like a Holiday

Written by 7 February 2014 10 Comments

In a world where one is constantly pushed to go faster, higher and stronger the importance of the little things can easily be forgotten. The tiny marvelous things and moments that seldomly require big bucks or great efforts.

Many find it necessary to climb the ladder of success, but not everyone can be placed on the top. Moreover, there’s a fairly long way to go back downwards, and a very few opportunities to go further. The long-lasting success doesn’t come from operations that cure it all at once. It’s comes from rather slow, sustainable progress. The effortless fix can bring momentary happiness, but it frequently delivers lifelong appreciation. Therefore, the answer to an ongoing fresh out of travels-feeling lies not in quick getaways, but in the constant repetition of pocket-sized moments that make the life worth living.

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The meaning of the little things gets emphasized while traveling. All of the sudden you can actually find time to enjoy moments that appear regularly in day-to-day life. Hearing your favorite song, watching the sunset or even eating the center of a Danish cinnamon bun magically becomes remarkable. Somehow, everything sounds better, tastes better, and realizing the beauty of the surroundings gets a lot easier.

Why aren’t you able to enjoy these simple moments more when they occur on a daily basis? Why do you sometimes need a plane ticket to realize the significance of walking in nature, catching up with an old friend or staring at city lights?

Even the most stressful moments have value packed inside of them. Perhaps there was a deeper meaning in screwing up the job interview. Maybe this “failure” pushed you to hunt for work more persistently than before; therefore, you ended up finding a position that you couldn’t have even imagined.

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When it comes to traveling, almost all of my most beloved memories have been built up from the moments that I could have experienced with an ease back home. Driving along an empty highway, meeting new inspiring people, crashing parties, making bonfires with friends, dancing in the rain, holding hands and taking photo booth pictures are the times that will make me smile for the rest of my life. At the end, the little things are the ones that mean the most.

I listed 31 lovely moments that can be enjoyed without the need to take a few days off or save money. They can be executed daily, each day of the month, and every month of the year. Collect more of these delightfully simple moments, and everyday can feel like a holiday.

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31 lovely moments of ordinary life 

1.  The first sip of your morning coffee or tea.

2. A long, hot shower.

3. A fully-charged battery, replay button and your favorite song.

4. An empty to do-list.

5. Sticking into your daily budget.

6. Knowing that you have made a difference or inspired someone.

7. Sleeping as long as you want.

8. Taking jeans off, and changing into sweatpants.

9. Finding a short-cut to your destination.

10. Getting told that someone misses you.

11. Seeing an old couple still crazy in love.

12. Wearing your favorite outfit.

13. Realizing how much you have grown in the past year.

14. Doing what you love.

15. Waking up with perfect hair.

16. Watching the classic Disney movies or going through an old yearbook.

17. Being supported by the people that love you despite your flaws.

18. Finding a healthy solution to your sweet tooth.

19. Anything free.

20. The comfort of being in your own home.

21. Spontaneous adventures.

22. Feeling the warmth of the sunshine, freshness of the wind or the relaxation of the rain.

23. Going through all the photos that you took that day.

24. Holiday music from the radio.

25. Finishing a book in one sitting.

26. A compliment from a stranger or from someone that you look up to.

27. Being forgiven.

28. Laughing so hard that your stomach hurts, no noise comes out and you are about to pee your pants.

29. Getting the window seat on a bus, train or plane.

30. The first bite of your favorite meal.

31. Realizing how amazing your life is.


What are your favorites?


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  • Navin said:

    It is indeed the little things that make life worth living in a metropolis. I can really relate to some of the things in the list. Like, I really cherish the first sip of my everyday coffee and rejoice when I get to sit on the window seat in the bus. The rush of the caffeine and the cold breeze hitting my face mostly make up for the shitty things life throws my way. Another thing I really love is staring at orange street lamps in my city. I travel back home late from work and the streets are empty. These orange street lamps really give me comfort for some weird reason.

  • Lorraine said:

    This post is so uplifting, thanks! :D

  • Oksana said:

    Oh god! This post is so inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing such an amazing deep thoughts! Little things are the most important things in our life, indeed!

    ♥ Oksana
    http://www.oxanamua.blogspot.com {new post! >> vampy valentine}
    Follow @oxanamua on Instagram

  • Quyen said:

    What a great list! I think it is so important to enjoy the little things in life.

  • Karisa - KarisAbroad said:

    Great list and a great reminder that the simple moments can be very nice. :) My favorites are # 6, #14 and #25

  • Natascia Russo said:

    These are great reminders! Let’s just bear in mind to make everyday a special day. Thanks

  • Rita (author) said:

    Thank you all for your positive comments. @Navin i totally feel you. Every morning I have to wake up early enough to do my morning runs in a silent and dark city. I don’t know what it is, but being up before the city gives me an unexplainable relaxation.

  • Helen said:

    This is a great list! I try to remind myself of things like this and find the beauty in the every day!Thank you!

  • Jelena said:

    I have to say I’m all about the little things, and this post just made me smile and it reminded me how actually I love little things. Thank you!
    1. There is nothing like having your first coffee in the morning.
    5. I get so proud of myself when I know I stayed on my budget that day.
    8. Ohh.. What a feeling!
    I would add buying good stuff on sale, and waking up next to your loved one.

  • Rita (author) said:

    @Helen thank you for your positive feed back.
    @Jelena, waking up next to your loved one…. okay- have to say that that would definitely go to my top 3! I wish I would have the luxury to do so more often, though. Thank you for the reminder and have a good weekend!

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