Dear travelettes,

when I was 22 I bought my first backpack. I had a ticket to delhi, where I was supposed to teach german at old delhi university for the summer. In addition, I planned on traveling around india for 2 weeks, the thought of which I found most exciting. I went by myself and knew no one there, but that just reinforced me in my self-proclaimed role as the heroine of a great novel entitled “backpacking in heels – confessions of a travelholic”. Confidence-fueled with a lonely planet travel guide as my knowledgeable companion, I stepped on that plane with great expectations. No talk of “culture shock” could impress me, as I was sure I knew exactly what I was in for. Monsoon? NO PROBLEM! Traveler’s diarrhea? PAH! Curious stares? I’LL BE JUST FINE! Well, in reality I suffered my first nervous breakdown after just 3 days when a bus to rishikesh dropped me off in some tiny town in no-man’s land after midnight, 5-hours after my expected time of arrival and without a single english speaker to explain what had happened and why I hadn’t been taken to my destination. That is just one of many stories I have to tell. Swimming with alligators in brazil, knife-threats in argentina, a near drowning in australia–I’ve been there, done that. But of course there has also been an overload of amazing adventures and priceless encounters. to share all those with you, my fellow travelettes, I’ve created travelettes. Net, a place to tell past travel tales and pave the path for new ones. If you have a great trip coming up and would like to share your experiences in the form of photos and writing, please get in touch by emailing

Also send us any questions you may have regarding your upcoming trip and we’ll do our best to provide you with the answers.

Happy travels,