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Festival season is on: Win tickets for Electronic Beats in Prague

Written by 25 April 2012 15 Comments

What could be a better reason to visit a city than attending a festival? Right! This is exactly why we will join some blogger friends on a little field trip to Prague on the 5. of May. This day, the Czech capital will be the arena of the Electronic Beats Festival with a great line up: Apart from headliner Whitest Boy Alive, French music project Woodkid and Canadian pop sweetheart Grimes will be opening the Festival. As a jewel in the crown, Mister Mike Skinner himself is giving a DJ set, who I’m very much looking forward to, as I thought after revealing the end of his project “The Streets”, I would never have the chance to see him live anymore. Apart from the festival I’m stoked to finally see Prague itself and I can’t wait to try out the few Czech words I recently learned, like “Ahoj“, “Na zdravi” and “Miluju tě” in the wild.

Now the best part: We are giving away 1×2 tickets to the festival (travel expenses and accommodation not included). All you have to do to join us and our friends from This is Jane Wayne, I heart Berlin, Amy&Pink, LesMads, Interview, Stylespion and Mit Vergnügen to Electronic Beats, is simply teach us some funny Czech words in the comments below and make sure to enter a valid E-Mail address in the required field. We will pick a winner this Saturday.

For everyone else who happens to be in Prague or fancies a trip to the Czech capital tickets are available here for CZK 250 (10€) and at the venue for CZK 350. If you prefer to go to Gdansk, Berlin, Graz, Bratislava or Cologne with bands such as New Order, The Kills, Miike Snow, Friendly Fires, James Blake or Digitalism check out the other 2012 festival stops of Electronic Beats here.

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  • gosha said:

    hot dog – párek v rohlíku

    ice cream – zmrzlina

    chips – hranolky

    Enjoy! :)

  • patricia said:

    trinken – pit
    prost – Na zdraví
    feiern – oslavovat
    fröhlich – veselý

    danke google übersetzer! :P

    ich will gewinnen! :D

  • karin said:

    Nice to meet you. – Těší mě.
    awesome – hustý


  • Leni said:

    hier die wichtigsten Worte fürs Überleben:

    Wurstsemmel – klobása chléb

    Einhorn – jednorožec

    Katzenbaby – kotě

    Viel Spaß :)

  • ario said:

    Smím prosit Sprt? you nerd would you like to dance?
    Kurva dr t! Bloody Hell
    Ses posral v kine? are you kidding me?

  • ario said:

    Smím prosit Sprt? you nerd would you like to dance?
    Kurva dr t! Bloody Hell
    Ses posral v kine? are you kidding me?

  • Georg said:

    Es gibt wohl nichts Nützlicheres als

    Moje vznášedlo je plné úhořů! – My hovercraft is full of eels!

  • Dom said:

    dalsi velke pivo prosim: another big beer please

    jezisi: jezus christ, (used a lot in Czech)

    ach jo: ah damn

    pecka: good track!

    pujdem tancovat?: let’s go and dance?

    pekny tricko: nice t-shirt…. good picks up line, no?

  • Katerina said:

    music – hudba
    beer – pivo
    dude – ty vole


  • Pascal said:

    Go to a bar, order a drink, point at some dude and say:

    Všechno zaplatí tento pán : This gentleman will pay for everything


    Have fun !!!

  • ender said:

    rozvedcik, rubrik, rucnik, rulik, rybnik, rychlik, satirik, satnik, sbornik, sedesatnik, sedmdesatnik, septik, serik, setnik, setrvacnik, skeptik, skladnik, sklenik, sklerotik, skolnik, slabik, slamnik, slavik, slovnik, sluzebnik, smrtelnik, sodik, sokolnik, soucasnik, soukenik, souputnik, spalik, specifik, spendlik, spolecnik, spolubojovnik, spolupracovnik, srotovnik, starik, statistik, statnik, stehlik, stoik, stranik, stravnik, straznik, strednik, strik, strojnik, studentik, svetobeznik, svetrik, svobodnik, tajemnik, taktik, tanecnik, tatik, tavolnik, taxik, technik, teletnik, telocvik, teoretik, titanik, tloustik, tlumocnik, tolik, tonik, travnik, tricatnik, trik, trojuhelnik, trosecnik, tydenik, ucastnik, ucednik, uhelnik, uhlik, ulicnik, unik, uprchlik, urednik, utocnik, valcik, valecnik, valnik, vapnik, velkoobchodnik, velkoprumyslnik, vestnik, vetesnik, vetrik, vetrnik, vinik, vlastnik, vlastovicnik, vodik, vodnik, vozik, vranik, vrstevnik, vycvik, vykricnik, vykrik, vymenik !!!

  • Roy Marvelous said:

    Bah, how did I never hear of this festival when I lived in Prague?
    I’m not entering the contest because I’ll be in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean then but here’s the most important sentence to learn:

    dam si pivo prosim (I’d like a beer please)

  • meyke said:

    Da es sich um eine Festival handelt, hier ein paar nützliche Tipps:

    Hilfe! – Pomoc!

    Kann mir jemand helfen? – Může mi někdo pomoct?

    Polizei! – Policie!

    Diebstahl – krádež!

    Mein Geldbeutel/Handtasche/Auto wurde geklaut – Ukradli mi penĕženku/ kabelku/auto.

    Wo ist die nächste Polizeistation? – Kde je nejbližší policejní stanice?

    Haltet den Dieb! – Chyťte zloděje!

    Wir brauchen einen Arzt – Potřebujeme lékaře.

  • Emma Tameside said:

    I missed it :( Just like I missed the Music Festival and the Food Festival :(

    I’m promising myself that we’re definitely going next year regardless of what happens. In fact, I spent my lunch break looking for Prague breaks in the city just to convince my partner we can do it on a budget. He really likes Whitest Boy Alive, so he’s equally annoyed we couldn’t quite make it this year.

    Do you have any sneak news on the line-up for 2013? It would be great to know who’s planned to headline! Failing this, we’ll make it for the Prague Beer Festival as we also missed that too. Prague is really becoming a go-to hotspot at the moment.

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