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Experience the Super Bowl & win a weekend in Munich

Written by 30 January 2012 40 Comments

What do you think is the biggest and most-watched sports event in the world? You have Olympics of course. And then there is the undeniable World Cup.  But another massive sporting event to excite the masses is the Super Bowl! The Super Bowl is the finale of the US American Football profi league referred to as NFL. Every year it draws millions of Americans in front of their TV screens with last year’s statistics showing that over 800.000.000 people stopped to watch the game across the globe.

Since the first Super Bowl in 1967, the event has reached an iconic status amongst US-Americans in particular. Events surrounding the actual game are almost as anticipated as the finale itself and the special highlight in every Super Bowl is always at half time when the world’s greatest performers take to the stage. I’m talking big names here, such as Diana Ross, U2, No Doubt, Sting, Aerosmith, ‘N Sync, Britney Spears, Stevie Wonder and more.

It was Michael Jackson who in 1993 broke the relatively boring tradition of – up to then – showing a marching band between the games. With a big star keeping viewers eyes glued to the screen the ratings not only stopped falling during half time, they actually went up, much to the dismay of competitive TV channels. So you can say that we owe it to Jacko that this year we get to watch Madonna give one of her rare performances.

While Football certainly does not define all things Americana, it does plays a role that is not to be underestimated. Maybe there is a sport in your country that people feel strongly about. It’s common knowledge that countries like Brazil, Italy or Germany stop in their tracks when the FIFA World Cup is on. Understanding the dynamics behind this passion for the sport and more importantly giving in to it (I know that some of your ladies are still resisting) can open up a world to you that you are likely to enjoy a lot more than you thought. As for me, I used to mostly ignore Soccer for the better part of my life but when the World Cup was on in Germany in 2006 I got into it and am now a true fan of watching the Champion Ship games. Not because I care about Soccer but because I love the excitement in the air, the feeling of bonding with everyone who is rooting for the same team, it’s pretty amazing.

Traditionally the Super Bowl happens on the first Sunday in February, which in this case is Sunday of this week, February 5th. While you should be able to to pursue the game on TV from your homely sofa, the real fun way of watching is by attending a public viewing.

WIN Tickets to the public viewing in Munich!

Our friends from Contiki are inviting 4 of you to one of Germany’s best public viewing parties at Munich’s Tonhalle where the game will be displayed up on a big screen. Contiki is treating the winners to VIP seating, free food and drink and 2 nights at a hotel this weekend, February 4th and 5th.

To win 2 x 2 tickets, follow us on facebook and leave a comment under this post, stating why you’d like to win this fun weekend in Munich.


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  • Kia said:

    I would like to win the weekend because I’ve never been in Munich!

  • RamziD said:

    It would be great to win and enjoy a weekend with my gf in Munich (she’s not a big fan of sports but she do enjoy trips :))

  • Sarah said:

    Ich will.. ich will.. ich wiiiill!!! :D

  • Lea said:

    I’d love to go because I’ve never been to munich and one of my new years goals is to travel more, and especially to discover my own country as much as possible. Aaaand to watch the superbowl in the USA would be a dream come true, but that is not gonna happen this year, so public viewing in munich would be a big step in the right direction! :)

  • Diane Bass said:

    I would like to go to experience what like to be in Munich.! It will be great thing I like to explore the world. Super bowl, I never went in entire life, I hope I can gain my adventure lists. Smile

  • Irene said:

    Please let it be me! My best friend is coming to visit that exact weekend. She’s been on her new job in a small town behind the end of the world (in Thüringen, to be precise) for half a year – if there ever was someone who deserved a treat – it would be her! And me of course ;-)

  • Tandi said:

    Because Munich is an ah-mazing city and I want to celebrate my home team, the Giants, with some lovely Bavarian ale!

  • Hannes said:

    Damit ich endlich mal wieder was mit meinen Jungs machen kann,nachdem ich solange meine Zeit verschwendet habe!

  • Tamara Hallo said:

    I would like to win this weekend because I wan’t to surprise my boyfriend with the tickets!

  • Stefan said:

    Weil ich dann endlich mal an was anderes als an sie denken kann und das Jahr mit etwas wahnsinnigen beginnt!

  • Alexander said:

    Munich is one of the best citys in the world and the super bowl is going to be Legen – wait for it – dary!!!!!!!!

  • Frehner said:

    “a comment”

  • Valentina said:

    It would be fantastic!!!! My boyfriend would ask me to marry him if I would win them..! :D

  • Finn Rohde said:

    I was searching for a possibility to watch Superbowl with a friend from NYC for the whole last week – but nothing was found! This could be one of our last opportunities to be watching it without him crying all the time for not being in the States this year. That’s why I can just hope for your good will plus your mercy with me!:) Have a nice eveninG!

  • Carsten said:

    I’d like to watch the world’s greatest quarterback ELI MANNING givin’ the 43 yards championship pass in minute 59 with all the giants fans in munich! and this one goes out to the patriots: we gonna kick ur ass! (once more… remember 2008? ;-))

  • Julian said:


  • Jen said:

    ja, ich will

  • Andale said:

    mal was andres als daheim vorm tv :-)

  • Constanze said:

    Geniales Gewinnspiel, bin ich dabei! Schließlich der beste Weg um Maenner kennenzulernen, oder?! ;)

  • julia said:

    I’d love to because I’ve never been to Munich(or Germany(although I live in Austria-.-)), its a super bowl party with free food, and most of all because then I wouldnt have to watch the super bowl with a german commentator!! (go giants!! :))

  • marina ballerina said:

    hello you guys.

    well, my boyfriend loooves super bowl and i am a fan of munich.
    we would combine that in a great way.
    i think he would be the happiest guy on earth!

    so… munich here we come (hopefully) :)


    regards, marina

  • Alexander Haas said:

    Ich würd gern gewinn, da ich noch auf der Suche nach der perfekten Super Bowl Party bin und München einfach der absolute Wahnsinn wäre, wenn ich da teilnehmen könnte und den Giants meine volle Aufmerksamkeit schenken kann, ihr würdet mir einen mega hammer großen Gefallen tun, danke. :)

  • adam said:

    I’ve been in Germany for MONTHS and still haven’t been to Munich. Shameful! Also, I would love to have some American-style chili and hot wings, please. Does that come with the contest?

  • martina said:

    never been to such an event, but i guess it’s worth to try out ;-)

  • Andreas said:

    Das Finale der Champions League hat mittlerweile (seit 2010) den Super Bowl als meist gesehenes Clubsportereignis abgelöst und das Finale der Weltmeisterschaft spielt nach Anzahl der Zuschauer sowieso in einer ganz anderen Liga.
    Es ist da natürlich nicht immer ganz einfach durchzusehen, da jede Organisation ihre Events für die größten hält.
    Nichtsdestotrotz, ich freu mich auf den Super Bowl.

  • Daniel said:

    I’d like to win, because watching the Super Bowl in a small flat in Aachen sucks hard.

  • Gaylen said:

    I work in sports tv and am a travel junkie.. I have goals to one day work the Super Bowl but until that happens why not take off for a weekend abroad and watch the game in Munich! : )

  • Taylor House said:

    I’ve never been to Munich before and I’m sure this would finally make me a football fan!

  • Gaylen Clutter said:

    I work in sports tv and am a travel junkie! I hope to some day be working at the super bowl but while I won’t be this year… Why not take off for a weekend abroad and watch the game in Munich!! :)

  • Cheryl said:

    I’d love a weekend away in Munich to watch the superbowl game! Why? Because I’m living away from home and this will be my first “super bowless” weekend not hanging out with my pals to watch the game. I miss them and this will be as close I get to having a similar experience. Also, I’ve never properly experienced Munich outside of the airport!

  • martina said:

    what better place than this to watch those famous super bowl commercials ;-)

  • Anaïs said:

    I’d like to win the tickets as a gift to my husband for his 30th birthday <3

  • Benjamin said:

    Ich hab hier einige gute Gründe gelesen, ABER ich hab am Freitag Geburtstag und da wäre das geilste Geschenk zwei Karten für diese SuperBowl Party! Ein mal bei so einem Event dabei sein. In dem Sport, den ich selbst jahrelang aktiv betrieben hab.
    Davon werd ich bald meinen Kindern und irgendwann auch meinen Enkeln erzählen können.

  • Ramona Krenz said:

    Weil ich ein großer US-Sportfan bin und es eine Ehre wäre mit meinem Freund nach München zu reisen um dort die größte Party mitzuerleben!

  • Hannah said:

    Because Germany has the best parties :-D And I want to rock the Super bowl.

  • Max said:

    I wanna win because I luv football!

  • Julia said:

    As you, I was completely caught up in the World Cup 2006 like never before.
    And last year it was Rugby. So maybe this year it is going to be American football which is not letting me go? :)

  • Olatz said:

    Travelling chances come and as a good travellete it is always good to seize them. ;-)

  • Maria said:

    I want to win cause i haven´t seen some nipples for a long time….

  • Jana M.-F. said:

    I würd doa gern hinfoah, weil I heuer noch ned in Minga woa. :)

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