Diving with Dolphins in Hawaii

Early Saturday morning my sidekick Kellie and I jumped into her car to drive to the West side of O’ahu, one of the 8 Hawaiian main islands, to a little marina tucked into the corner of a beautiful piece of land. Ko’Olina Marina, first opened in 2000, is home to various catamaran sailboats where guests from nearby resorts come to inquire about snorkel tours a[...]

The History of Surfing

I don't need to tell you that surfing is an extremely intense and exhausting sport. It involves pretty much every part of the body, not rarely resulting in a nice physical shape as shown by the gentleman below. I do admit, that is also the reason why I sometimes just hang around beaches to watch the surfers catch their waves (and something tells me I'm no[...]

Snuba diving

Have you ever heard of snuba-diving? If you thought I've confused the C for an N here (as in scuba), you thought wrong. The word Snuba is composed of the two words snorkel and scuba. And that's pretty much what it is, something in between the two. Snuba divers use also swimfins, a diving mask, harness, regulator and weights as in scuba diving. Pretty much[...]