Personal Stories

Germanlish - talking like ,se‘ German

A German Coast Guard is sitting in his office. Suddenly a radio signal from another ship comes in: „we are sinking, we are sinking“ The German Coastguard seems to be quite calm and asks „What are you thinking about?“ Oh yes, the ,th‘ is definitely not our strength and the poor captain might have survived if there wasn't this 'little' misunderstanding. Co[...]

My worst flight experience

A London bound Qantas plane was forced to shut down an engine and return to Bangkok last week (find the BBC article here), after vibration and high temperatures were noticed by the pilots. It got me thinking about flights and how lucky I have been with all my jet-setting. I’ve never had a problem with flying. Over the past two years I must have been on ro[...]

Aussies speak Australian, NOT English

When moving to Australia from England, the Australian accent and language didn’t even factor as a problem. We all speak the same language, right? It’s not like I’m moving to Spain or Italy where I would truly be isolated by my lack of foreign language. I was never a star pupil in my foreign language class at school so it made sense for me to move to a countr[...]

Dear Caribbean Sea

It has not even been a year and my heart already longs for you again. You are beautiful, you are calm, you have a lot to offer, you gave me warmth and confidence. Thinking of you, fills me with wonderful thoughts of sunny days, turquoise water miracles, long white sandy beaches and never-ending romantic summer nights. I fell in love with you the very seco[...]

Google Street View is my buddy

When Google launched Street View, I couldn't really understand all the fuzz made about it. I also didn't see much of the neccessity of it, until just a few days ago... My first Street View encounter was when Alejandro, the Mexican artist whose apartment in Mexico City I'm currently staying in, sent me a link to his place, so I would be able to get an idea[...]

I found your camera

In the winter of 2005/2006 I was heading up the eastcoast of Australia, with a backpack full of clothes, toiletries and 2 cameras. One digital and a manual SLR I used to shoot pictures everywhere I went so I would forever remember that once-in-a-lifetime trip around the world. One morning I realised that I was missing my digital camera, with it all ph[...]

The dog who could surf

Surfing, bodyboarding and skateboarding? No problem for surfer-dog Osso. Two years ago I had the pleasure to meet this dog and the person, who taught Osso everything- his proud owner Christiano. During my travels in Peru I heard of the small surfer town Máncora, which is situated close to the border of Equador- that seemed like the perfect getaway from my ex[...]

Bolivia – a visual journey

When you think of Bolivia you might think of a third-world country with run-down places and cities, but what I experienced there was pure beauty and absolutely stunning nature: endless salt flats, colorful lakes, hot springs, dynamite explosions and the most dangerous road in the world. Bolivia really got me, that´s why  I want to provide you with a little b[...]

On my way to India...

One more day, then finally the time has come. My first time visiting the Asian Continent - I couldn't be more excited. When I picture India, I see bright colours, full markets, spices everywhere - simply a whole new world. I basically got all those ideas from Bollywood movies, so there are a lot of clichées that have to be proven right or wrong. There is[...]

How to survive the night bus

Night bus, night train, long haul flights… they all have trials and tribulations that can seriously suck but once you’ve done it once, you develop ways to endure it so allow me to share all that I have learnt… Far-flung transport travelling all have many factors in common: Delightful cramped space posing the challenge of numerous sleeping positions. You w[...]

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