Pro's and Con's for high season mini-breaks

Hey Travelettes As one of the 4 or 5 people who did not leave the city over Easter, I was left with plenty of free to time to think about whether mini-breaks during high season (spells: a time when EVERYONE is going away, traveling somewhere) are good or bad. Here are first results of what my brain spit out: pro's: - mini-breaks are like sex. eve[...]

Volunteering in India: feedback letter by Sigrid from Norway

Last week we published an article on volunteering abroad, filling you in on your options on how to take part in a volunteer program without spending horrendous amounts of money. In reply to the article reached us an email by a girl from Norway called Sigrid Bjorbekkmo who told us about her experience with a program offering volunteering in India for money. [...]

Work While Traveling

Dear travelettes, If your only excuse for not travelling the world is money, forget it now and forever! For here are some great opportunities to travel and earn money on the way. One way to work while travelling is a visa called “Working Holiday Visa”. This visa enables you to spend a year in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the USA. Th[...]

Tips for legitimately traveling LIGHT.

Okay, let's be honest here. We've heard the screams or semi-pleasant whispers of, "less is more," and I KNOW that you probably claim to believe it, to the hilt, every day of your life. EXCEPT for when it's time to pack for a series of semi-short trips smooshed into a big, long trip. This applies particularly when you know you will be staying in a foreign pla[...]

How to.... make friends while traveling

Here you go. You did it. You brought up the courage to leave friends, family and everything else behind to go traveling the world all by yourself. Bravo for that! Now all you have to do is meet new people and have a good time, right? The people you meet while traveling have a huge impact on your trip. Hang with the right crowd and you will have the time o[...]

Travelettes TV presents "The Travel Pro's"

Dear Travelettes, a while ago we "launched" Travelettes TV (click here to check out the clip we shot in Athens). Now Travelettes TV is back with a brand-new and totally home-made travel tips and advice show called The Travel Pro's! Launches april 5th. Until then, we're dishing out a few teasers so you know what to expect.

Getting Around Germany: Mitfahrgelegenheit

I first heard about mitfahrgelegenheit while driving from Innsbruck, Austria with my friend Teresa to her hometown in southern Germany. We would pick up two strangers somewhere along our way to the autobahn, they would give Teresa 10 euros each for gas, and we would drop them off in Munich before heading onward. All of this was coordinated by a website. [...]

ROAD TRIP: The perfect soundtrack

I love my car. I love being out on the road, no matter for how long. You and I know how important it is to have the right play-list of songs for the ride. Whether you're singing along to your favourite tune with your friends on the backseat or just enjoying the ride alone, the right music makes every trip easy and fun. So a good soundtrack is a must. Obvious[...]

How to... come home to a cold winter

After a couple of months traveling through South America, I realised I had to come home to my mum who missed me and my empty bank account.  So I decided to fly back home, to get some love and work a little, to pay my next trip. One thing I completely forgot about, was the weather. Returning to Berlin in February, what else could I expect but grey skies an[...]

Writing for Looking Good No Matter What

Dear travelettes, I was recently asked to contribute to a great new project called Looking Good No Matter What, a beauty blog sponsored by Hansaplast where 4 established beauty professionals blog about what they know. Or maybe I should say 3 beauty professionals and myself. The other editors are Lynne from Lynne.TV and, Chris from 30 ans e[...]

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