Buenos Aires

Great Eats in Buenos Aires: Cafe Hierbabuena

When arriving in a city you've never been to before, you probably like to wander around, stop to marvel at cute shops, sample a delectable ice-cream and take as many photos as possible of everything you see. In a matter of a few days you try to get the best all-round picture a tourist could get of a city but even with all the walking and the most in-depth st[...]

Salsa without Music is like Nachos without Salsa

MY PERSONAL OCTOBERFEST I've always felt like a stranger at home. Ever since I went to Argentina for the first time, I had decided that deep in my heart, I am a porteña (that's the name for the girls here). At home in Berlin most people think I'm crazy because I'm always smiling, I dance in the supermarket and sing with my eyes closed. Average stuff in[...]

Portraits from along the way: Lolo in Buenos Aires

I remember very little about Lolo. It was the early in the year of 2006 and I had just arrived in Buenos Aires planning to stay there for a couple of months. Since I didnt know anyone there I contacted a few random people via myspace to find out what's happening in BA. Lolo was nice enough to invite me over for a BBQ with her and her friends one afternoon an[...]