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I’ve never been to Las Vegas: the legendary city of sin. Where the city never sleeps and is run on neon lights, casinos, glitter, razzle dazzle and Black Jack… so when given the chance to experience Australia’s answer to Vegas, I of course jumped at it with gusto: gambling, lights, luxury… The Crown Casino sounded like something I could be down with!

Truth be told, I am not a big gambler. …

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Melbourne has deservedly earned a reputation as one of the most livable cities in the world. Prior to visiting I knew it was home to Dame Edna, the Aussie Tennis Open and a killer coffee culture. A proud member of the guidebook-free travelling generation, it was thanks to walking the streets and exploring alleyways in search of Melbourne’s finest flat white that I stumbled upon what is fast becoming one …

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Dear Ladies of the World,
If you are currently in the beautiful and cultural city of Melbourne, please do make sure you swing past our first Australian Flea Market! It’s being held on Saturday 10th March.
I have met so many lovely girls who are worrying slightly about how they’re going to get their hands on the cash that will make their trip enjoyable… So many have flights booked anywhere from India …

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Tweed Ride. Sounds quite enigmatic doesn’t it?
Well, it’s pretty much what it says on the tin: people dressed in tweed riding around on bikes. This group bicycle ride began in London where participants were to dress in traditional British cycling attire on vintage classic bicycles to embrace the spirit of the old days and the fashionable vintage era of transport!
Photograph via Yet another blooming blog
This peculiar but nostalgic event, dubbed ‘Tweed …

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‘Melbourne Cup’ is an age old institution and tradition of the state of Victoria, Australia. I admit, I had never heard about it in previous trips to Oz until I came to live permanently in Melbourne and heard about an event which allowed excited Melbournians to have a public holiday. I was now an excited Melbournian who got a day off… but what was this all about?!! It’s Australia’s major …

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Melbourne is sometimes incredibly stressful, and I find myself getting anxious and on edge in my free time and days off from work. “But it’s so cultural!! You must be in love with the city!!”, I hear you Travelettes cry, and yes that is correct. However, there is so bloody much to see, do, eat, drink, explore and discover, that I constantly find myself writing scattered notes upon hearing friends’/critics’ …

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Melbourne is a city I’ve been to a couple of times prior to my recent long-haul backpacking trip, however family duties overshadowed any chance of wild running around the city, but this all changed when I was backpacking- I was able to decadently enjoy/drink/eat/shop (on a small scale), generally revel in all of Melbourne’s delights. And there was a hell of a lot!
It’s a massive challenge to try and cram …

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