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40 Things to do in New York City in the Summer

New York summers can be tough: It's hot, it's humid and it feels like there is no air left to breathe. And while you slowly melt outside in the gruelling heat, air conditioners will chill you to the bone once you've entered a building. So here are some tried and true tips on how to still spend a perfect summer in the city! 1. If you're an early bi[...]

10 things to do in an unexpected UK heatwave

What the hecky-peck is going on with the weather in the UK at the moment? The past few weeks have been face-meltingly hot. We can't believe our luck. The grey skies and woolly jumpers are but a dim and drizzly memory - the distant ghost of summers past. We're all rushing down to Ikea and spending our wages on brand spanking new, mirrored garden furniture ("l[...]

11 Great Bars in Paris

Just arrived in Paris and about to go for your first drink? Don’t follow the misled backpacker masses that systematically cram together inside the overcrowded hangouts of the Grands Boulevards! Instead, here’s an insider’s subjective guide on where to grab a nice drink in Paris, from fancy cocktail bars to relaxed local watering holes – and including a fe[...]

Top 12 Free Things to do in Melbourne

We all love free things. Especially me. And when traveling and having to look after your budget, sometimes you just need some free things to do in a new city to ease up on the spending, while still being able to explore. Australia is a tough place to travel in financially since the dollar is so strong. It makes everything seem real pricey when you’re not ear[...]

10 Things to do in Sydney for Free

So, I heard the other day that the Aussie dollar crashed a little bit, which will mean that the big land down under's prices may start to seem less steep to us foreigners who so love to visit one of the world's greatest countries. However, it's still not cheap over there by any stretch of the imagination, particularly in the big cities. At the beginni[...]

Ten reasons why you should travel like a child

Many of us have been Travelettes in our hearts from an early age thanks to being born with a need to roam or because we had parents with a similar sense of adventure. However, I recently started to think about how differently I travel now compared to when I was a child. For me, back then my parents took me on camping holidays in France, cold and wet weekends[...]

10 gorgeous trailer campers

A while back, I confessed my love for cabin porn, a great way to virtually escape from the city. I'm also a a sucker for vintage campers and great scenery, and having your own camper makes glamping in style so much easier. Whether you're a crafty travelette with the ability to pimp your own camper, just looking for inspiration or are a vinage fan - these 10 [...]

10 reasons to travel with olive oil

I found the perfect travel partner who never fails to fix my hair when in need, repair my stuck zipper, cure me when I’m sick, and shine my shoes. It’s never in my way and hails from the Mediterranean. Olive oil, you’re the best! Okay, maybe s/he isn’t a real person, but yes, I take olive oil with me wherever I go. Olive oil has been used for medicines, s[...]

Top 10 movie characters I'd love to go traveling with

Fact: It's hard to find the right travel pal. They might complain about mosquito bites, want to go left when you are already following that curly Italian dude to the right, are tired when you are all about karaoke and have a sunburn when you were supposed to win the coconut bikini duo contest. Most of the time, I was lucky enough, to find the perfect fit to [...]

10 of the world's most inspiring female travelers

As travelettes, we believe that women should just grab their backpack, put on their heels and head out to live their adventure of a lifetime. Traditionally thought it has been men who have been credited with the greatest records, the hardest and most inspiring journeys. Therefore we would like to present to you, 10 of the most inspiring female travelers who [...]

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