Rineke Dijkstra and the stories her photographs tell

We see millions of images every day.  Every moment we see is a small picture that flashes through our brain and into our core.  Some images rush out of our minds forever, and some will never leave us. These fleeting memory portraits can become distorted over time, turning some into facades on inflated pedestals, and unfairly demoting others.  However a minor[...]

5 cities through Instagram

Something the Travelettes love to do when they travel is to always capture the special moments. That way we get to keep them with us forever and can share them with our friends, family and you. One of the most direct and fastest ways of doing that is by using Instagram. For those who don't know, Instagram is a bit like Twitter for photos. You take one, apply[...]

Patterns from above

I don't know if you're anything like me but when I get the choice on a plane I'd always prefer to have a window seat rather than the aisle - not because I'm trying to get some probably well needed sleep but because the views are always worth it. Watching the clouds or spotting major landmarks from the air is one of my favourite travel past times so imagine m[...]

Above the clouds - Mountain Panoramas of Switzerland

"We all live under the same sky, but we don't all have the same horizon" is what Konrad Adenauer once said. I am always amazed with the beautiful view above the clouds, be it while sitting on an airplane, climbing up a volcano or going on a ski trip. There is always a certain calmness, which makes you feel free and happy. As I have recently been on a ski [...]

City Silhouettes

Over the past few years, British photographer Jasper James has been working on his series "City Silhouettes", a project I came across via my tumblr dashboard almost year ago, when there were only a few pictures to see. In the still ongoing project he creates a symbiosis between the capital city of China, Beijing and its citizens. By photographing reflections[...]

Lost in Tokyo with Mark Bramley

When you travel you might want to bring back the stories and impressions you had. A dried flower, food poisoning, a handful of sand, 8GB of photography, a little scar or a complete new point of view on how the world turns are only some of the possibilities you have. It's never that easy to capture what a place is and feels like for you. How can you [...]

Through the eyes of... Ana Cabaleiro

Even though Spanish photographer Ana Cabaleiro claims she has no idea on how to use a camera and that she has only picked up photography about 5 years ago, her photos are absolutely stunning. If you look at them you will notice, that she mainly takes pictures of people from behind, in front of a backdrop of breathtaking landscapes. That way, these images giv[...]

A different point of view on...Malaysia

The soundless step of a scorpion, the lacrimal on a monkeys eye ball, soft swaying leaves of giant trees and the twist of an old wood waiting in the moist afternoon air... With Christopher Moon's eye for framing, stunning details and the gentle voice of the narrator Terry Burns, stunning details and captivating use of slow motion James W. Griffith[...]

360° Vision - The Panoramic Ball Camera

Sometimes it would be nice to have eyes in the back of your head – to catch funny moments you might have missed or really get a birds eye view on the world. What if I told you that there was a way for you to get 360° vision without hours of cosmetic surgery and ending up looking like some sort of futuristic cyborg? Introducing the ball - a throwable panorami[...]

A trip to the (too?) beautiful Dordogne

The human kind is somewhat bipolar. Dog versus cat people, the mac and windows fellows, the nut/chocolate/vanilia- or strawberry/lemon/rasberry icecreamers, the ones who like sweet breakfast and the ones who prefer salty. And then there is the Italy versus France division. I am more of an Italy kinda girl. I just love their easy way of handling the[...]

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