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Travelettes - the survey!

In order to enlighten ourselves (read: figure out if we had more one-night-stands than the average and to feel OK about our sometimes strange travel-behaviour) we would love for you to take out a couple of minutes of your day to fill in our survey. This kind of information is not easy to access; but which one of us would not like to know what kind of persona[...]

My favorite airlines

The first time I flew anywhere was 17 years ago. I was 10 and my classmates at the time told me my plane was likely to crash and i would land in the jungle with crocodiles eating me. I've since been a little scared of crocodiles. Air-travel won me on the day that a gorgeous blonde flight attendant handed me a free packet of pencils and a drawing book. The[...]

A Travelettale

Dear travelettes, when I was 22 I bought my first backpack. I had a ticket to delhi, where I was supposed to teach german at old delhi university for the summer. In addition, I planned on traveling around india for 2 weeks, the thought of which I found most exciting. I went by myself and knew no one there, but that just reinforced me in my self-proclaimed[...]