Berlin's urban legend - Spreepark

The Travelettes have been writing together for quite some time and during an evening at our Berlin-based Travelettes office we figured it was about time that we went on a small excursion together. When Yvonne from Just Travelous revealed that the abandoned entertainment park Spreepark would be opened for the public this weekend, it was an opportunity we coul[...]

The Travelettes Flea Market May 2011

Hello travelettes! Just a quick shout out to say THANK YOU to everyone who came by last Sunday to join us at our third travelettes flea market. As the first 2 times, it was another grand success with lots of pretty clothes swapping owners and cash flowing into the pockets of soon-to-travel girls. A special thanks to all those who donated at our charity[...]

A Must Do In Oslo: The Sunday Market

Last week I went to Norway to visit friends and family, and decided that this time I was going to do some touristy stuff as well. One of the main things on my to-do-list when I visit a city is to go to thrift stores and flea markets, and Oslo was no exception. Instead of the standard souvenirs I love to find unique local, possibly weird and cheap treasures. [...]

Bavaria, the beautiful - part II

Last week I got an emergency call from my dear little brother: "Nina, I got a spot at Bamberg University, I need to go there for enrollment and to find a flat next weekend. Wanna join?" Of course I would (Travelette as I am...)! So two days later I found myself on my way to Bavaria. Since I have been there only as a child I always had the typical clich[...]

Where time stands still: the Candy Museum in Morelia

During my trip around Mexico I've come across a lot of different places, people and situations but none has left quite as deep an impression on me than the Candy Museum (Museo del dulce) in Morelia. I was just strolling down the street when suddenly I noticed a shop that was quite unlike all the others. Two women dressed in period gowns were tending the c[...]

Top 10 neighbourhood bars in Rio de Janeiro

Dear Travelettes, Ever so often I come across something on the internet that immediately sparks my desire to escape everyday life and travel far, far away. This morning, while I was having coffee and reading the online papers, the headline "Top 10 neighbourhood bars in Rio" caught my eye. I've never been to Brazil, and I was sure that the next time my tra[...]

"To Market, To Market..."

A visit to Australia would be blasphemous if one did not rifle and search through the plentiful markets which make regular appearances throughout the massive country. When traveling on a shoestring, little cheap random charms, trinkets, treasures and momentos that you pick up can speak volumes in memories when you return home. However, traveling is the obvio[...]

India - the temple of the Sikh

My trip to India -one of the most exciting things I did in my life so far. I will give you a few insights on all the places I've visited and all the things I got to know. First stop: The temple of the Sikh. Sikh is a religious schism of the Hindu Belief. Translated directly, it means follower of the Guru Nanak, who is one of the 10 Gurus, the Sikh belief [...]

Bavaria - the beautiful

My first real trip to Bavaria. I had been to Germany's most Southern Bundesland (state) before but never for more than one night, so I was pretty exited what a whole 5 days in 4 different Bavarian cities would bring. I had a plan ready that I would eat all the Knödel and Hax'n my stomach could fit, something I mastered with the professionalism of someone wh[...]

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