The Rock Restaurant

Ladies, this post is not going to be about Rock'n'Roll. There's Rock bars, Rock restaurants, Rock Hotels, Rock Museums and a boat that rocked. But have you ever heard of a restaurant on a rock? Well, I at least know of one. The Rock Restaurant was built on a tiny rock in the ocean in Zanzibar, Tanzania. This lovely place is situated near the shore of the Mic[...]

Central America's Biggest Market

The big native market in the town of Chichicastenango (short: Chichi) in Guatemala, is one of the most important trade markets in the whole of Central America, showing off the many unique characters of the different communities, which all express themselves through the different patterns, styles and colours of their clothing. This is where different ethnic g[...]

Create & Connect: The Hello Etsy Summit in Berlin

It's always amazing when someone comes up with the effort and energy to create a time and place where like-minded people can get together, exchange, support each other and, in the best case scenario, enjoy a few cocktails while doing all of the above. This past weekend, that someone were the lovely people behind, the website that connects small c[...]

Kater Holzig - Berlin's new Bar 25

When you go to Berlin, there are a few places you need to cross off your to-do list. Ever since the first time I went to Berlin in 2006, I kept hearing the same story over and over again. Bar25 is closing, this is the last party - WE HAVE TO GO! In 2010, one of the few bars that could take on the legendary club Berghain in popularity and fame, finally closed[...]

Skyy Swap Market in Berlin

Dear Travelettes, for all those among you who will be in Berlin on August 26th, we would like to recommend a very special event to you which is co-organized by our friends over at IheartBerlin and Designer Scouts. This is the third time that the SKYY SWAP MARKET is happening in Berlin. Originally, the popular party was meant to be a one-off ocassion, but [...]

Become a Tester for Berlin's new International Aiport

Have you ever stood in that long queue at the security check-up at the airport, daydreaming of smuggling a Swiss army knife, just to see what the officers' reaction would be? Well, I have and my dream might come true without me worrying about getting arrested for a lifetime. Some of you may know that Berlin shut down one of its oldest operating commercial[...]

Suomenlinna - island magic outside Helsinki

I've already told you that my trip to Helsinki last month was an eye-opener to how gorgeous the Finnish capital is. The city is just as lovely as its friendly inhabitants, with good shopping and amazing food to be found all around. While the Finnish have reason to complain about their weather for part of the year (during the rather cold winters the sun doesn[...]

Weird Stuff From Around The World

Traveling can broaden your mind. Actually, it almost definitely will. You will see and do things you’ve never seen or done before. And sometimes you will see and do things you never thought you will see or do. Here we go: Our Top 10 weirdest stuff to do and see while traveling 1. Square Watermelons - Japan Ever had the problem that a watermelon fe[...]

Hitra, Norway - no country for old men

Have you ever felt the need of travelling to Goa or Bali to get that one piece of experience that changes your life? What if I told you that a tiny island in Norway can possibly inspire you to as much or maybe more than those exotic destinations. The island of Hitra was probably the most awe-inspiring and romantic place I have ever been to. On the sec[...]

Hel-Looks Weekend in Helsinki

The Finnish are lovely people. They're incredibly sweet, always friendly and humble. Maybe even a bit too humble, which might be the reason why it had not come to my attention just how incredible Finland is! This past weekend, I was invited by Liisa and Sampo from Hel-Looks to give a short talk at the Hel-Looks Weekend, which happened for the first time a[...]

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