Traveling Women In History - Amelia Earhart

“I want to do it because I want to do it.” As simple as this sentence seems, it needs often a lot of courage to do what you want to do. Courage to stand up for your rights, courage to do what your heart tells you to do, courage to be different, courage to set your goals high. Amelia Earhart wanted to do all this, simply because - as she put it - she wanted t[...]

The Avant/Garde Diaries

It's been a long time coming and we're happy to announce that they're here: the AVANT/GARDE DIARIES. The idea behind this new digital interview magazine, is to feature creatives from around the world which share one commonality: an unconventional and extraordinary approach to their line of work. With their head quaters in New York City, the AVANT/GARDE DI[...]

Hitra, Norway - no country for old men

Have you ever felt the need of travelling to Goa or Bali to get that one piece of experience that changes your life? What if I told you that a tiny island in Norway can possibly inspire you to as much or maybe more than those exotic destinations. The island of Hitra was probably the most awe-inspiring and romantic place I have ever been to. On the sec[...]

Interview Project Germany

How would I describe myself? What am I proud of? Is there anything I regret? How do I want to be remembered? You only have to ask the right questions to get at a person beneath the surface. In 2009 David Lynch started his one-of-a-kind interview project. Therefor his son Austin and filmmaker Jason S. went on a roadtrip through the USA to interview random [...]

Sonic Iceland

It all started on a cold and miserable winter morning in 2009 in Cologne, Germany. Marcel is meeting Kai, his former flatmate who wants to go on a very special trip with him. A few months later, in summer 2010, they are travelling to Iceland. With the help of Icelandic partners and donations from all over the world they were able to realise their idea of a d[...]

Comedy singing trio confront the cheap airlines

Fascinating Aida are a hilarious female comedy singing trio from from Ireland who recently confronted the cheap airlines in one of their unique and well written songs called "Cheap Flights." I know we have previously ranted about how much Ryan Air suck so I hope you can channel those feelings and enjoy this song, I laughed so much when I saw it!

Chatting to the Six Six Sick girls about New York City

I first met the six six sick girls about 4 years ago when I lived in New York for a while. Back then, these (then) 3 fine ladies ran one of NYC's best clubnights called Six Six Sick, at a place called Happy Ending, ever Tuesday. I loved them right away because each week they designed their own outfits and treated all their guests as friends. These days, the[...]

Inspiring women who travel: The Lost Girls

When Travelettes first started out, the only blog we could really look up to as far as girl travel was concerned was the Lost Girls blog. Since then, the Lost Girls have come a long way since their blog is now a fancy online magazine with many new contributors. The original blog authors are Jennifer Baggett, Holly Corbett and Amanda Pressner, who at a[...]

Tragedy on the Road: Pippa Bacca

A friend and I were talking about hitch-hiking when I first heard about Pippa Bacca. Unfortunately the story is not particularly encouraging or uplifting, but one I feel is necessary to share with Travelettes. (To read the New York Times article where I got most of my information, click here.) In 2008, Italian performance artists Pippa Bacca and Silvi[...]

Inspiring women who travel: Jessica Watson

You might have heard in the news about Jessica Watson, a girl from Australia who at the age of 16 embarked on a trip of a lifetime and sailed around the globe in 210 days. Inspired by and following the footsteps of Jesse Martin, who himself was only 18 when he completed his journey, she sailed around the earth without stopping anywhere and without getting an[...]

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