5 cool vintage shops in Glasgow

Moving to Glasgow just under two years ago has changed many a thing in my behaviour. First of all, I now say didnae instead of didn't and wee instead of little. I also re-defined my perception of rain to anything not soaking me within 5 minutes to 'not being real rain'. And then I think 25 degrees Celsius is really hot. Moving to Glasgow, or more generally t[...]

The Travelettes Guide to Glasgow

"Because it's close to the highlands", is a common reply to the question why somebody would move to Glasgow. Or "because it's cheaper than Edinburgh". But Scotland's biggest city has more to offer than just good connections to the breathtaking landscape of the North and affordable living space. It is also the up-and-coming hub for artistic Bohemians, a creat[...]

Finding the Perfect Christmas Gift in Glasgow

Christmas is associated with glowing lights, warmth, and friendliness. And during modern times to a growing extent also with last minute shopping sprees and crowded malls. Looking for a bit of  everything? You've come to the right place. In case you're not yet feeling christmassy at this time of year, begin your Glasgow tour at George Square. Located [...]