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Hands up, who is not a loyal reader of the one or two Scandinavian design or architecture blogs?
Nordic cultures are well-known for their incredible output in design: our apartments are furnished with inventive Swedish furniture, almost daily we wear Swedish, Danish, Norwegian or Finnish fashion (H&M, anyone?), the little and practical pieces in our lives were designed up North: crockery, lamps, sound systems, vases, bed sheets etc. All are impregnated …

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My last school trip did not actually happen while I was still in school but only a couple of weeks ago when Visit Sweden and Air Berlin invited me to join a “Klassresa” (apparently this means “class trip” in Swedish.) to Gothenburg and Stockholm. Along with my blogger buddies class mates from Mit Vergnügen, I heart Berlin, I love Ponies, Lachsbrötchen, JustTravelous, Tripwolf, Musikexpress, Intro, Stylespion and LesMads we took …

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