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Feira da Ladra, or thieves market in English, is the oldest and biggest flea market in Lisbon. This is the place to go to recover your stolen mobile, practice your bargain skills or find some incredibly cheap vintage clothes. My greatest scoop was a 70s leather jacket for 10 euros.
Since I normally live in Berlin, I’m used to a great selection of flea markets, but I find this one particularly …

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Eat breakfast like a king queen, lunch like a prince princess, and dinner like a pauper it is said. Even though the brunch is left out, it’s my favourite meal – especially together with good friends or a magazine, sun and of course sunglasses to cover up the hangover from last night and to stare at people without getting noticed..
I’ve already found two great places to have some brunch. At …

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I have a big fascination of everything that is retrocool. ”A vida portuguesa” means The Portuguese Life and this store is the definition of Portuguese retrocoolness aka my dreamstore for postcards, notebooks and weird remakes of old products.
If you’re looking for a Portuguese ”70s-remake-of-bonnie-and-clyde-poscard” this is the place to get it. This is also a great place to get some alternative notebooks if you want something different than the classic …

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A couple of weeks ago I moved to Lisbon and my first real clubbing night turned out to be an adventurous experience!  Mix free vodka, oversized ice-cream, portuguese divas, the mad hatter, alice and the white rabbit and have a truely crazy night out. This friday lux frágil hosted an “Alice in Wonderland” party with a whole lot of extravaganza and madness to go with it.
This is why you should …

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