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5 reasons to go to ..... Budapest

I just fell in love with Budapest when I visited last year. Whether it was relaxing outdoors in a thermal bath after an invigorating Thai massage, hitting up a ruin pub with a cute boy or drinking some of the local wine, I swore to myself that I'd return for another visit. By the time I finished writing this post, I booked my flight and will soon be visiting[...]

3 Great Art Bars in Budapest

I arrived in Budapest for my semester abroad in the beginning of September. Unfortunately the glorious sunny days didn’t last for very long, and soon we found ourselves facing rain (and eventually snow) and looking for ways to do our socializing indoors. Budapest has fantastic night life, but while a crazy night out dancing is great fun, it’s not the best[...]

Budapest on a Budget: Accommodation

Hungary’s capital city is known for many things: classic architecture, abundant Turkish baths, pornography, cool night life, and sweet sweet prices. While I studied abroad in Budapest, I paid about $150 per month for my own room with a beautiful loft in a shared flat with a huge kitchen and bathroom. But okay I get it, not everyone is living in Budapest and [...]