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The island of Santorini is popular among billionaires and celebrities, so it’s no wonder that backpackers and budget travellers often choose to leave it out of their itineraries. But this fear is completely unfounded – the island may cater to a wealthy clientèle, but it also has plenty of hostels, affordable food and amazing pastimes for penniless travellers like – maybe – you and – definitely – I.
I opted for …

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For some people, the adage ‘it’s not what you do, it’s who you’re with’ rings true. Whilst in general I whole heartedly agree, when it comes to cafés I much prefer the saying ‘it’s not who you’re with, it’s the view you have’. I could quite happily while away the day sitting alone in a café as long as I have something good to look at (and I don’t mean …

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When in Greece, I always make sure that my next coffee frappé is not far away. There is just something about a glass of iced coffee topped off with a thick layer of creamy foam that I can’t resist. And I am by far not the only one. In Greece, frappé is the most popular variation of coffee, loved by locals and visitors alike.

Whether it be as a quick caffeine …

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Dear Travelettes,
A couple of weeks ago I treated myself to a weekend getaway in Athens, Greece. Here, I met up with German expat Anna who showed me around town in my quest for drinking, dancing and greek gods hotties. One night i took my camera along and filmed a few impressions of Athens nightlife – ladies: welcome to Travelettes TV!

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