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For some people, the adage ‘it’s not what you do, it’s who you’re with’ rings true. Whilst in general I whole heartedly agree, when it comes to cafés I much prefer the saying ‘it’s not who you’re with, it’s the view you have’. I could quite happily while away the day sitting alone in a café as long as I have something good to look at (and I don’t mean …

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When in Greece, I always make sure that my next coffee frappé is not far away. There is just something about a glass of iced coffee topped off with a thick layer of creamy foam that I can’t resist. And I am by far not the only one. In Greece, frappé is the most popular variation of coffee, loved by locals and visitors alike.

Whether it be as a quick caffeine …

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Dear Travelettes,
A couple of weeks ago I treated myself to a weekend getaway in Athens, Greece. Here, I met up with German expat Anna who showed me around town in my quest for drinking, dancing and greek gods hotties. One night i took my camera along and filmed a few impressions of Athens nightlife – ladies: welcome to Travelettes TV!

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