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“Ein Bier bitte” – there are few non-Germans who don’t know what this phrase means. German culture is intricately linked to the yellow brew that finds worshippers across the globe and we, who we live in Germany, will go as far as dedicating a 16-day party to it – the Oktoberfest.
Historians might be appalled at this description, because the truth is that the Oktoberfest initially started as an annual celebration …

[ Written by Katja | 16 Sep 2012 | 27 Comments | ]

With Octoberfest in full swing, I figure this is the right time to tell you guys about our recent trip to Munich. We were here for just a stopover after our trip to Innsbruck, with just one day to spend before our plane would take us back home to Berlin. Shortage of time is no reason for us to not give  it our best shot at exploring the city, so …

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Let us begin this article with a little analysis of this photo.

Does anything look unusual to you here? Maybe the trees? Looks like a forest? Even like a river? But surfing on a river? I don’t know about you, but this came as a big news to me when I first heard about it from a friend last week.
The photo was taken in Munich, at a small, man-made …

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