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Hamburg has always been on my bucket list but somehow I never managed to pay a visit to the city nicknamed the Pearl of the North. My time living in Germany is running out in two weeks so I finally seized the opportunity of fleeing Berlin for a weekend to visit an old friend in Germany’s second largest city. Coming from the big rival city – some people tend to …

[ Written by Kathi | 7 Sep 2013 | 10 Comments | ]

There are lots of reasons to visit a city – you could be seeing an old friend, maybe you have a job interview, you heard there is some great shopping to be done or you simply want a change of scenery from your hometown. Or maybe you could have a craving for a particular type of ice cream (anyone who’s had gelato in Italy will know what I mean)….
When I …

[ Written by Katja | 19 Jul 2012 | One Comment | ]

Spending the past two years in Hamburg, there was a lot of free time in my student life that needed to be filled. One of my favorite ways to spend our time with my friends was over coffee and cake at a charming café called Herr Max.
University lessons starting at 12am or even 2pm, meant enough time for a sweet breakfast there. I was the luckyenough to live very close. …

[ Written by guest | 2 Jul 2011 | 2 Comments | ]

Moin, Moin!
It seems like there is a “exploring your own country” theme going on here within my latest posts. That might be the result of being a full time employee and only be able to travel for weekend short trips. But Germany has a lot to offer, so last weekend I took the opportunity of a day off at work to visit friends in Hamburg for a couple of days. …

[ Written by guest | 16 Apr 2011 | 4 Comments | ]