How to do Paris on a Budget

I like to believe that money should not determine whether or not you get to travel, I even enjoy making it a challenge to travel places on small budget and so I also turned down the financial help offered by my parents when I told them that I was going to Paris. As a student, my travel budget is tiny but as long as a few precautions are taken it can be done.[...]

A weekend in Paris

I have found a new direct path to happiness. It's called: Paris. When back home not even friends, chocolates or retail therapy can't do the trick anymore, it's best to get out for a couple of days and visit a place that is full of charming people, gorgeous architecture, delectable wine and food and countless little shops that make your heart swell with awe. [...]

World changing street art

A couple years ago, I was walking along the Seine in Paris, and noticed that a bridge and the stonewalls by the riverbank were covered by huge eyes in black and white. I found it fascinating, but I unfortunately forgot about it. Big mistake, since the artist behind it is one of the most inspiring street artists of our time. Yes, I've heard about Banksy, but [...]

A Strange weekend in Paris

When our friends, the wonderful photographer and model Bonnie Strange and her boyfriend, actor and musician Wilson Gonzalez, told us they were going to Paris for a few days, but were still in need of a good place to stay, we told them about, a platform that provides private rooms and apartment rentals. They picked a place they liked, Bonnie took lo[...]

Paris Syndrome

. Have you ever arrived somewhere and been so utterly disappointed with what was waiting for you; dirty streets, unwelcoming locals, terrible weather and rude waiters? Sometime a city just doesn’t live up to your expectations but no need to fear, there is now a medical condition related to this destination disappointment; introducing Paris Syndrome or Syndr[...]

Lock your love in Paris

Every time I’m in Paris I seem to find myself on Pont des Arts (the bridge linking the Left bank to the Louvre museum) for one reason - I’m a horrible romantic! . For the past few years the bridge has been a sort of living museum to love from around the world. Lovers engrave their names on a padlock, attach it to the railings on the bridge, kiss then throw[...]

HI Matic - hotel for a new generation

As I was roaming the World Wide Web today I came across something I felt was the answer to all my prayers, so naturally I wanted to share it with you. Imagine you could take what you love about hostels and combine it with what you love about hotels - then maybe you would wake up at the new HI Matic Hotel in Paris. First things first. During my recent t[...]

Last-minute NYE tips for Paris, London or New York

New Year's Eve - the one night of the year that we repeatedly have too high expectations for. Awaiting a kiss from Mr. Handsome at 12 o'clock sharp while you're at the perfect party with your girlfriends, sipping bubbly and dressed to the nines? It may be a long shot, but one you're especially likely to succeed at if you're in one of the world's inofficial "[...]

Paris Nostalgia - Part II

The thing about Paris is that it never gets old. Or older. Or younger. Somehow, in Paris time stands still. That's part of what makes it so special. The streets are filled with life, food and smells and on every corner there is a photo waiting to be taken. When you go to Paris and really see it, you'll know why it's called the city of love. And the beauty of[...]

Paris Nostalgia - Part I

Visiting Paris is always a slice of magic. I once lived in here for 3 years and I still get enchanted by the pittoresque streets, the little cafes and the charms of French people. After an almost 2 year-absence I went back last week for Paris Fashion Week. However, I ended up spending next to no time at shows but wandered the streets of the French capital[...]

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