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Whilst staying at the Pand Hotel in Bruges I slept in bed sheets by Ralph Lauren, I saw vintage Louis Vuitton luggae in the lobby, I washed with complimentary toiletries by Hermes and I drank a glass of champagne each morning at breakfast. Do I need to carry on with this review?
Ah okay, I’ll share a few more details with you.
The Pand Hotel is a centrally located boutique luxury hotel …

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Beautiful? Yes! Historic? Oh, yes. As quaint as a quaint can be? Absolutely! But cool? Is Bruges really a cool city to hang out in?
On my recent visit I realised that yes, Bruges is a cool city and so here are my recommendations for ten cool things to do in Bruges from eating in trendy lunch eateries to getting on your bike.
1. In Bruges Walking Tour

One of the coolest things about …

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Every two years pandemonium descends on the Grand-Place or Grote Markt of Brussels when almost 1 million flowers are used to create the worlds biggest flower carpet. The flower carpet is a well loved tradition in Brussels attracting many diverse people to the city centre for a cultural celebration of the colour and diversity of our city.

300 flowers are crammed into every square meter of Grand-Place meaning that around 850,000+ flowers will be used for the …

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Summer isn’t really summer without a decent festival and as festival season is now in full swing I thought it was about time I joined in to lap up the music, sunshine, atmosphere and general all round fun.
With more than 280 festivals, 16,500km² of festival ground, the biggest bands, the most original sceneries and some of the world’s best festivals, Flanders, in Belgium, is claiming some serious high accolades in calling itself the …

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My stomach has been very happy since moving to Brussels almost two years ago. So I thought it was about time I share the love and introduce you to my favourite eateries in the city serving everything appropriate for lunch with your mum to the best local junk food:
1) Best frites in town – Barrière de Saint-Gilles
This wouldn’t be a list of great Brussels eateries if I didn’t start with …

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From flea markets, to flower markets, and food markets, us Travelettes love markets, and we just can’t get enough! So imagine my surprise when reading “Top 10 European Flea Markets“, in The Guardian, and discovering that Brussels has some of the best markets (especially flea markets) in Europe! After receiving the official news about the greatness of my city’s markets I thought it was about time to write a quick guide to Brussels’ markets …

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Telling you how and where to find beer in Brussels is a bit like teaching my Grandma to suck eggs as Belgium is a county with no shortage of bars to sit and drink a good beer. But beer tastes better when drunk in style in a place filled with atmosphere & interesting people so here just are 5 of my favourite hang outs;

Photo by Station Studios
Delerium Cafe (Impasse de la …

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Most girls’ idea of luxury travel would be flying first class, or being chauffer driven in some fancy sports car – well, not for this Travelette! Having taken inspiration from the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film, I recently embarked on a little mini trip from England to Belgium by … you guessed it …. by boat!

I was a little nervous about sailing, because the idea of a 31,598 ton …

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I come from a ’24 hours a day/ 7 day a week’ culture where I can buy and do almost anything I want at any time of the day …. yes even on a Sunday! So when I recently moved to Brussels I was a bit surprised when I popped down to my local H&M to by socks and it was closed. Closed? What? This is Europe in 2011 and I …

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My favourite breakfast joint is a place called Le Pain Quotidien

They serve simple yet delicious soup, salads, tartines, breakfast, homemade pastries and handmade bread and there are quite a few vegetarian and vegan options on the menu. I’d strongly recommend the hot chocolate; it comes in a bowl with a little bar of dark chocolate to dip in for 5 minutes of liquid heaven. Whenever possible they source organic ingredients …

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