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The Travelettes guide to Innsbruck

You may have heard of Innsbruck as the ski and snowboard capital of the Alps and the perfect place to stay for those who are up for a more urban environment after some hours in the slopes. What you might not realise is that it's also a sweet destination in summer for anyone enjoying a great outdoor holiday complete with hiking tours, mountain biking, rafting[...]

The Penz - staying classy in Innsbruck

We had never really seen much of Austria, apart from sporadic weekend trips to Vienna and so we were quite happy when earlier this year we got the chance to spend some time to Innsbruck, Austria earlier this year to attend the Travel Bloggers United (TBU) conference. We knew the trip would be all the better when we were invited by Innsbruck's nicest hotel Th[...]

Travel Bloggers Unite 2011 - Our trip to Innsbruck

A week ago, we mentioned that a few of us went to Innsbruck to attend the Travel Bloggers Unite conference (read about it here). Upon arrival, we were greeted with gorgeous mountains, beautiful architecture and clear blue skies and from that moment our cameras were practically attached to our hands 24/7. In Austria, we had only been to Vienna before, [...]