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What makes a destination truly magical? It is a combination of many things: natural beauty, culture, history, climate, locals, and that feeling that you just can’t put a name on. Tepoztlán, a small town south of Mexico City, is all of these things and more. The Mexican government recognized this and, rightfully so, bestowed  upon Tepoztlán  the title of “Pueblo Mágico” or “Magical Village.” The town is surrounded by majestic …

[ Written by guest | 12 Oct 2012 | 5 Comments | ]

With fancy and expensive design hotels popping up all across the world, it’s nice to hear that every now and then, there is a hotel that has the unique appearance of a design hotel but really is sustainable and based on a simple idea. This is what happened in Mexico, when the architects behind T3arc got together and came up with the idea of using old concrete tubes in order …

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